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- July 2019 -

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Lab Notes

COLTS Expands "Seal" Offerings


COLTS Laboratories is now offering all clients an opportunity to participate in several certification or “Seal” programs that, until now were only available on a limited basis

The Plano Sunglass Seal Program is designed for Sunglass manufacturers/distributors who wish to set their product apart from the competition by validating their product meets or exceeds both national and international standards. Showcasing compliance to standards and commitment to quality helps substantiate higher sale price points. COLTS can offer testing to ANSI Z80.3, ISO 12311/12312 and AS/NZS 1067, by testing to multiple standards at once it can be done at a substantial discount. Compliance to the international standards opens up new markets for those manufacturers.

COLTS Tactical Seal is for manufacturers and distributors of safety eyewear that is marketed in the direction of hunters, sportsman or gun enthusiasts. To be eligible for the Tactical Seal the client must pass ANSI Z87.1+ requirements and ballistics for Mil PRF 32432(GL). Demonstrating that their product is not only compliant for everyday safety situations but qualified for shooting safety purposes as well. This allows seal members to distinguish themselves from the competition as many products sold as tactical do not meet minimum requirements.

The AR Audit Seal Program is directed towards all laboratories that want to quantify and continuously monitor their AR process. Starting with establishing a baseline of acceptable level of performance utilizing COLTS patented Real Life Simulation test. Then by reviewing subsequent interval test data COLTS helps them recognize anomalies that can point out subtle changes and variations in their AR processes. Early detection of manufacturing discrepancies allows fixes to occur more quickly. Poor recognition to these shifts or lack of continuity can lead to patient remakes and refunds, which can have a negative effect their bottom line.

The Lab RX Quality Seal program was designed to showcase any laboratory or on-line retailer wanting to demonstrate their commitment to quality services and production through independent third-party testing. Consistently meeting or exceeding the ANSI Z80.1-2015 standards is the cornerstone of this program as testing is conducted “blind” on a regular and reoccurring interval. Prescriptions are submitted to the labs each quarter and then sent to COLTS for testing and validation. Laboratories must consistently maintain a minimum acceptable threshold of performance at each time interval to remain active in the “Seal program.”

All the COLTS Seal Programs listed above come with the following:
• Promoted and hyperlinked from the COLTS Laboratories website
• Use of the COLTS Seal in marketing and advertising program
• COLTS promotion on social media; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This is a brief overview of the “seal” programs now being offered by COLTS Laboratories. If any of these are of interest to you, please feel free to contact Greg Williams or Kimberly Hutton at COLTS to obtain more in-depth details and see if your company is eligible. For more information, visit https://www.colts-laboratories.com/.

VSP Optics Names Global Source Rx, Inc. as "Unity Lab of the Year"


VSP Optics has announced that Global Source Rx, Inc. (GSRx) is the recipient of the annual “Unity Lab of the Year” award.

GSRx, an optical manufacturing laboratory based in Scottsdale, Ariz., received the award for its exceptional quality of work, superior service, sales volume and overall performance in 2018.

“The GSRx team has been strong supporters of the Unity brand for years, and it has been a pleasure to continue working with them closely to offer an innovative portfolio of products to eyecare professionals,” said Todd Riley, director of wholesale business development for VSP Optics. “Our partnership is rooted in making the needs of ECP’s a priority, and that mindset has paved the way for a successful year.”

The award was presented this month during a presentation at GSRx headquarters.

“All of us at GSRx are honored to receive this recognition for the second time in five years,” said David Jochims, CEO of GSRx. “We value our relationship with VSP, and we appreciate the support they give us and our independent practice partners.”

In recognition of the award, VSP Optics will donate $2,500 to the GSRx Foundation to provide funding for projects initiated by GSRx partners to support visual health around the world.
New Products

Coburn Technologies Launches Brand New Consumables E-Commerce Website

Coburn Technologies, Inc. has officially launched a brand new e-commerce website for optical consumables and spare parts: www.ShopCoburn.com.

Digital Surfacing, Traditional Surfacing, Finishing, Coatings & Chemicals, Diagnostics and Spare Parts are the primary offerings on the site. On ShopCoburn, any lab manager, technician, or purchasing personnel can easily locate and order consumables and spare parts compatible with a multitude of machines with the click of a button.

The new ShopCoburn now offers easy navigation, clean design, search functionality, featured and recommended products and a simple checkout process.

“We’ve completely transformed our e-commerce site to enhance our customers’ online shopping experience. The new design reflects our new branding and is more user-friendly than ever. We are proud to provide our customers with this helpful tool to keep their labs and practices running smoothly. We develop and manufacture most of our own consumables and coatings in-house and are able to fulfill customer orders with speed and efficiency,” said Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies.

ShopCoburn even provides consumables and spare parts for their legacy products, as well as competitor’s coating and digital lens processing equipment, making the site a one-stop-shop for operations that have a variety of equipment.

For more information, visit www.ShopCoburn.com or www.CoburnTechnologies.com.

Signet Armorlite Introduces Silk Ultra-Slick AR Topcoat for Superior Cleanability and Increased Durability

Signet Armorlite, Inc. (SA) has announced the addition of Silk to our premium Kodak Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings.

Silk is a breakthrough introduction to the optical industry. It is an ultra-slick topcoat that enhances anti-reflective lenses and features:
- A higher contact angle that makes the lens surface slippery repelling oil, water and particles more than ever before
- Minimal deterioration after 20,000 cleaning cycles that simulate 3-year wear & tear
- 50% higher scratch resistance than our current AR coatings
- All the above translate into cleaner lenses for clear, sharp vision longer

One of the most frequent complaints and an obstacle to acceptance of anti-reflective coatings by consumers is that they smudge and require constant cleaning. Silk solves these problems.

The ultra-slick surface repels water, fingerprints, dirt, dust, cosmetics, lotions, and skin oil that are the main culprits. As these offenders encounter the slick Silk surface, they have nothing to adhere to and slide or bounce off. Particles that manage to hang on are quickly wiped away with a swipe of a microfiber cleaning cloth. Silk is so smooth that you must feel it to believe it.

Measurements alone cannot describe it. Kodak Total Blue Lenses will automatically include Silk. Find out more at www.signetarmorlite.com and www.KodakLens.com/pro.


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