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The 3 P’s to Becoming an Engaged Healthcare Consumer

Dr. Josh Luke

Has your business or startup made a major purchase only to find out later you overspent significantly? How often are you making this same mistake with healthcare? Moreover, it’s likely that your employees are making this mistake every day, yet they may not even know they have an option. Unless you as an organization take ownership of educating your workforce, it’s likely your employees will continue to overspend. And remember, if they are overspending their own money then you can multiply that by 3-4 times for its financial impact on the company. For example, a simple surgery can cost your company $30,000-$40,000 more if the employee does not choose a Center of Excellence.

It’s very common that a hospital charges 60% more for the exact same procedure as a competing hospital directly across the street. To confuse this process even further, would you believe that the same exact doctor will operate on you at either of these hospitals? This is what happens when you are led to believe “your insurance will pay for it.” These are the six words that killed American healthcare.

When you buy a new car, do you compare features and price? When you buy a house do you shop neighborhoods, school districts and number of bedrooms? Of course you do. Why don’t you do the same when it comes to your personal health? Why are Americans afraid to ask a doctor for a second opinion of just an alternative when a high cost procedure is recommended?

Well, the short answer is that we have been led to believe that our insurance will cover the costs so it’s not important which facility we choose. But that’s dead wrong. Each time an employee chooses a higher cost provider, that costs is added in some form to the following years premium cost to your company, which in turn is passed on to you. Year after year. Its inflation by design! Not your design, but by the hospitals, insurers and pharma companies among others, who benefit from constantly increasing prices.

It is critical that individuals become Engaged Healthcare Consumers (EHC). How do you personally become an EHC? Start by focusing on the 3P’s to becoming an EHC: Plan, Prevent & Personalize: Have a Plan that focuses on Preventative Care, as well as Personalized Care.

Here are a few steps toward becoming an EHC:

P #1 – Have a Plan

The first P is to take control of your health by creating a healthy living Plan. That plan includes your dietary goals, as well as fitness and lifestyle habits. Also, if you suffer from a condition or chronic disease that impacts your health, your plan should include specialized steps to specifically address those needs as well. Your plan should also include several Personalized and Preventative Medicine steps.

Update your plan at least annually, but daily monitoring and tracking of diet and fitness habits are critical in shaping this plan as well. There are plenty of tools available via mobile phone application to track both diet and fitness. Also, research mobile applications available to support you in disease management efforts for any chronic diseases you may have such as diabetes or hypertension.

P #2 – Personalized Medicine Tactics

A number of personalized medicine tactics should be considered including DNA testing and genome sequencing, as well as functional and integrative medicine tactics. The more you can learn about how your body differs from others, how your body metabolizes medication and food, and reacts in general to different foods, exercises and lifestyle habits, the healthy you will be. Implement these tactics into you Plan!

P #3 – Preventative Medicine Tactics

The second key component of your plan is to utilize the tools, resources and technology available to assist you in monitoring and improving health. From checking your blood pressure, to diabetic management to tracking exercise and dietary consumption, the second key component of your healthy living plan is Preventative Medicine tactics. It’s only a matter of years now before science will identify the exact medication that is best for your condition based on your personal metabolism, known as polygenic risk scoring. At present we are well on our way to that so utilize the tools presently available.

To date there has been little evidence suggesting any link between price and quality in healthcare. In fact, those doctors who engage in the discussion about fair pricing are often getting higher quality scores than the high cost provider. These doctors and facilities that offer lower pricing and higher quality are known as Centers of Excellence, often referred to as within the narrow network. Once you begin your journey to becoming an Engaged Healthcare Consumer, continue by shopping for healthcare Centers of Excellence. This will save significant dollars for both you and your employer.

So while corporate America has finally stepped up to lead the charge against hyperinflation in American healthcare, individuals can do their part by becoming Engaged Healthcare Consumers. The tactics listed above are simple, and will get start you down your EHC path.

Dr. Luke is a celebrated speaker, award-winning Futurist, a faculty member at the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, and author of Health – Wealth: 9 Steps to Financial Recovery. Drawing on his experiences as a hospital CEO, Dr. Luke delivers engaging and entertaining keynotes that teach audiences simple concepts on how individuals and companies can save thousands on healthcare. Please visit:



Lab Notes

Satisloh to Donate to Light for the World to Celebrate 1,000th VFT-orbit at MIDO 2019


Satisloh will mark the production of their 1,000th VFT-orbit generator at MIDO 2019 in Milan by holding an auction on February 23rd at 2:30 pm, local time.

The company will donate 50,000 euros of the winning bid to global vision disability and development charity, Light for the World (Licht für die Welt). As part of their mission to provide people with better vision, Satisloh is committed to supporting the work of Light for the World, who provides crucial eye health services and empowers blind and visually impaired people in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Gabriel Müller, CEO of Light for the World in Switzerland, said: “We are extremely grateful for Satisloh’s amazing support which will benefit the poorest rural communities in Ethiopia. With Satisloh’s donation of 50.000 Euro, we will be able to save the eye sight of hundreds of children and adults by providing Cataract surgeries, sustainable support for local health posts and the training of new ophthalmologists. This donation will be a turning point in the lives and futures of some of the most marginalized people in Ethiopia, their families and communities.”

About 90 percent of blindness and visual impairment in Ethiopia could be prevented. Light for the World, through the support of donors and partners, provides crucial eye health services and prevents blindness in some of the poorest regions of Ethiopia.

The 1,000th VFT-orbit will be displayed at Satisloh’s booth, N01 in Hall 6 during MIDO 2019. The generator, a VFT-orbit 2 with all available features, will be specially-painted by an artist with a one-of-a-kind design. To participate in the auction potential bidders must pre-register online under and be present during the auction on Saturday February 23rd at 2:30 pm at Satisloh´s booth. All visitors can also enjoy a slice of the VFT-orbit cake.

Pete Lothes, Satisloh´s Global President, said: “The production of our 1,000th VFT-orbit is testament to our flagship generator’s success in the ophthalmic industry. Since we first introduced the VFT-orbit in 2008, we have developed it to become the fastest, most robust and easiest-to-service generator available, and consequently, the most trusted by ophthalmic labs. As one of the most important international eyewear and ophthalmic events, MIDO was a clear choice to celebrate our 1,000th VFT-orbit. We are proud to provide people with better vision through our technology, and also through our support of Light for the World, who is providing people in some of the poorest regions across the globe with life-changing eye care.”

Visitors to the company's booth at MIDO can learn more about Satisloh’s complete solutions for ophthalmic labs of all sizes across the three days of the expo, including:

• Metro Lab, a complete solution for regional express production for small to mid-size labs, including Surfacing (Blocking, Generating & Polishing, Deblocking), Coating (Hard & AR Coating), and Finishing.
• Lab 4.0 solutions for fully automated/high volume lens production, enabling businesses to establish a truly industrialized lens manufacturing facility and drive operational efficiencies. Key components of Lab 4.0 include the software systems MES-360 (Manufacturing Execution System) and MOM-360 (Manufacturing Operations Management).

As part of Lab 4.0 smart automation technology, Satisloh will also showcase the new ART-Block-Pod for automating the handling of alloy-free, environmentally friendly ART block pieces.

Coburn Promotes David Kilfoil to Marketing Manager

Andrew Karp

Coburn Technologies has named David Kilfoil as its marketing manager.

Kilfoil has served as the company’s marketing specialist for the past three years. He has been responsible for management of the domestic trade show and exhibition schedule, as well as the coordination of digital and traditional marketing communication covering all areas of the business.

“It is a pleasure to promote David to this new role as our marketing manager. It is a well-deserved promotion as he has shown great dedication to the Coburn business during his time with us thus far, and we are excited to see where he will take us in this new role,” said Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies.

In this new role, Kilfoil will continue to perform his existing marketing responsibilities, while building on key company initiatives, including brand management and press and industry relations. Kilfoil has recently been nominated as a member of the Emerging Optical Leaders Committee within the Vision Council and represented Coburn Technologies at the group’s recent Executive Summit.


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