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Wield the Five Keys to Leaving a Positive Leadership Legacy

By Jeffrey W. Foley

Many successful business people have pondered their leadership legacy—how do they want to be remembered. And many of them struggle to find the answer.

Your legacy is defined by the impact you have on the lives of others after you are gone. It is how you will be remembered. We are all leaving a legacy, there is no escaping it. If asked, how would you respond to the question of, “What do you want your leadership legacy to be?”

However old or young, you have the opportunity to raise the bar on the legacy you are leaving. Whether you are a senior executive, in a new position in your business, a new parent or grandparent, a student or recent graduate, you can choose your legacy. Or perhaps you have had a setback in your life, it is never too late to refocus on what you can change—your legacy.

The most effective business leaders are people who ultimately pursue five separate but related behaviors. These five can provide the framework for you in your pursuit of creating a positive leadership legacy in life.


Being a person of character is at the foundation of building trust with others. Character is who we are and what we stand for. It is comprised of many things but its foundation is values; those deep beliefs like integrity, loyalty, and respect. Values do not change overnight; rather they are forged in one’s heart and soul over time. They ultimately drive how we behave. When you think of those people who left a wonderful legacy for you, was not character the essence of the memory?


Your attitude can change everything you do and everyone you meet. No one enjoys hanging out with chronic complainers or naysayers. A positive attitude can be a force multiplier in daily interactions or long term strategies. A positive attitude creates passion, enthusiasm, and a call to action. It can change outcomes. You have a choice in your attitude. Make it positive!


We all need a vision, or a plan, for our future. A saying attributed to the great Yogi Berra goes: “If you don’t know where you are going, you are likely to end up someplace else.” A vision provides clear direction for your future. Create your future by putting a mark on the wall of where you want to be one, two, five years from now. Craft an action plan that identifies your objectives and critical decision points. Establish a set of milestones that will help you achieve your objectives, and then celebrate each of their achievements as you progress along the way!


Both championship teams and successful businesses do not drift to greatness; they commit themselves to excellence. Commitment means tireless pursuit of doing your absolute best, every day, all the time. Excellence matters in everything you do. If you don’t commit to excellence yourself and demand it from others you will create a culture of mediocrity. Most people are not interested in mediocrity.


Building trusted relationships with others trumps everything else when it comes to leaving a positive leadership legacy in your world. Serving the needs of others builds trust in relationships. You serve by knowing your people, genuinely caring for them, reaching out to those in need, sacrificing and celebrating with them, exercising humility, are all important aspects enabling strong relationships. Nowhere is trust between leaders and followers more profound than in the military. You can learn, just like US Military Academy graduates at West Point are required to learn, that is Schofield’s Definition of Discipline. Major General John Schofield in his address to the Corps of Cadets in 1879: “The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment. On the contrary, such treatment is far more likely to destroy than to make an Army.” You know you will have achieved the goal of building trust when you can feel the spirit of cohesion that permeates the hearts of who serve together.

These five keys will provide a framework for establishing your approach to leaving a positive leadership legacy in your life. On a scale of one to five, with one being not so good, and five being great, how would you assess your behavior in each of the five areas? An action plan should follow your assessment that focuses you enables you to grow your ability where needed.I wish you the best in your leadership journey.

Jeff Foley is a recognized speaker, executive leadership coach, and author of Rules and Tools for Leaders. He is a West Point graduate and retired as a Brigadier General having served thirty-two years in the Army. Drawing on his unique military experience, Jeff uses his singular insight to build better leaders. For more information on Jeff Foley, visit



Lab Notes

Coburn Technologies Announces New Locationfor Corporate Headquarters


Coburn Technologies, a leading provider of innovative, end-to-end customer solutions to the world’s ophthalmic lens processing industries, announces the relocation of their corporate headquarters to a newly renovated, modern facility in South Windsor, Connecticut.

Effective July 23rd, 2018, Coburn Technologies will operate from their new location – 83 Gerber Road West, South Windsor, Connecticut 06074.

Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies, stated  “Relocating our corporate headquarters is a smart move for us. We have invested a lot of time and money into establishing a modern, state of the art facility for our corporation with a number of improvements from our prior facility. While we are relocating, we are pleased to keep the relocation within close proximity to our prior facility in South Windsor, Connecticut.”

With the lease on their current space coming to an end, Coburn saw it as an opportunity to find a new location for their global headquarters, and has invested over one million dollars into the complete renovation of their new facility. Major improvements include:

* Strategic layout and flow of the manufacturing and logistics areas for optimal daily business operations.
* New Research & Development and Engineering facilities for increased product and technology development activities.
* Expansion of chemistry laboratory to more than double its current footprint to allow for further developments in the growing coating business.
* Installation of modern, energy efficient solar panels for more environmentally friendly production and lower operating costs.
* Availability and option to expand facility to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

Coburn’s new location is custom designed to help facilitate the continuous development of new products to better serve the ophthalmic industry.

For immediate information regarding Coburn’s relocation, please call 1-800-COBURN-1. Additional information will also be provided at

HOYA Partners with NOVA Optical Labs Canada


HOYA Vision Care Canada announces a strategic partnership with NOVA Optical Labs in Red Deer, Calgary and Lethbridge Alberta to help strengthen the local presence as the only full-service laboratory in the province of Alberta.

NOVA Optical Labs, a truly Canadian manufacturer was established in 1992. They expanded to Calgary in 2005, and then to Lethbridge in 2011. Today, it is one of the most successful and truly independent Alberta Labs specializing in providing exceptional service and high-quality products at reasonable prices.

“This partnership will help to set an unprecedented local presence in Alberta and provide NOVA Optical Labs with multi-national brand support including customer care, manufacturing, sales and marketing,” said Ahmos Henry, President of HOYA Vision Care Canada. "This will add numerous capabilities to the existing manufacturing operations making NOVA Optical labs one of the strongest lens suppliers in Canada. This will also provide the competitive edge in western Canada for both dress wear and protective safety eye wear."

In support of this partnership, NOVA Optical Labs will be announcing a national campaign for a 24-hour service commitment on SEIKO progressive lenses which includes anti-reflective coating. HOYA Vision Care Canada will also extend their national marketing campaign to NOVA Optical Lab customers providing even greater incentives for choosing Nova.

This agreement will be closing in June 2018 at which time Hoya will offer the support needed to expand and offer NOVA’s Albertan made lenses to the entire Canadian market. For more information about HOYA Vision Care Canada, please contact the customer care team at 1-855-258-4692.


New Products

New Transitions® Signature® Style Colors and New Transitions® XTRActive® Style Mirrors

Transitions Optical and Essilor of America have announced Transitions® Signature® lenses in four new style colors, and new Transitions® XTRActive® style mirrors in six colors to offer patients more opportunities to express their personal style while enjoying the benefits of the flagship photochromic brand.

The new lens offerings will be available to order from Essilor of America on July 16th, 2018.

“The Transitions Signature lens style colors and Transitions XTRActive style mirrors open the door to a new, fashion-conscious wearer, who wants to create a unique, personalized look with their lenses and frames,” said Chrystel Barranger, president of Essilor Photochromics and Transitions Optical. “These new color and style choices will help consumers see Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ as a product that can help enhance their level of self-expression, while still helping to protect their eyes from UV and Harmful Blue Light.”

Consumers are increasingly trending toward bold, personalized fashion choices, and the new Transitions Signature lens style colors reflect this trend. Along with the existing Transitions Signature lens iconic colors of gray, brown and graphite green, the new colors offer a palette with a choice for virtually every consumer.

The new colors are:

•    Sapphire – a bright, exciting hue that brings a cool factor
•    Amethyst – a sophisticated shade with a contemporary twist
•    Amber – for a vintage look that is both timeless and of-the-moment
•    Emerald – trendy and versatile, matching a variety of styles

The new style colors are an extension of the Transitions Signature lens portfolio and offer the same world-class features and benefits of Chromea7™ technology: optimal comfort, protection and indoor clarity. The seven total Transitions Signature lens colors will allow wearers to create their own unique look, and empower eyecare professionals to recommend Transitions Signature lenses to a broader patient base.

Mirrored glasses continue to be in style, and the new Transitions XTRActive style mirrors create an on-trend mirror finish with a hint of color.

•    Gold – a smooth and warm shade complementing all skin tones
•    Silver Shadow – a classic silver-gray color
•    Red – a rich scarlet mirror for a sporty experience
•    Pink – an infusion of crimson hues
•    Blue – a chill color for a stylish and trendy look
•    Green – a radiant color with an earthy feeling

Outdoors these lenses have a mirror finish, and provide intelligent visual comfort and hassle-free protection from UV and Harmful Blue Light, thanks to the advanced Transitions XTRActive technology. Indoors the mirror fades to a light reflection with a hint of color. Transitions XTRActive style mirrors are a compelling second pair offering for clear and existing Transitions lens wearers.

“These new color and mirror choices are an opportunity to bring new energy and excitement to eyecare professionals when thinking about Transitions lenses, and to help give them more ways to bring up Transitions lenses to more patients,” added Barranger. “Pairing modern frames with these lens choices will help take their style to the next level.”

By optimizing the amount of light your eyes receive, Transitions lenses also help reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain, for more effortless sight. All Transitions lenses block 100% of UV rays and help filter Harmful Blue Light from digital devices, screens and especially bright sun.

The Transitions Signature lens style colors will be available in traditional single vision, digital single vision and Eyezen+ designs. Additionally, in keeping up with one of the most upcoming trends in eyewear industry, mirror finishes can be added to existing Transitions XTRActive gray and brown lenses.Visit to learn more.Marketing efforts and materials aligned with the new Light Under Control™ campaign, will be made available to maximize consumer awareness of the new lens offerings, and position the Transitions brand as modern, stylish and relevant.


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