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Lab Notes

Plastic Plus Opens New State-Of-The-Art Optical Lab


Plastic Plus, Canada’s largest independent optical lab, has opened a new, state-of-the-art optical lab manufacturing facility in Toronto.

The new facility doubles the lens manufacturing and coating capacity and increases both accuracy and delivery time. The company has been serving the optical industry for more than 40 years.

“We are incredibly excited to debut this new facility to the industry. More than three years of planning and construction went into creating what is now one of the top optical labs in the world,” said Plastic Plus President Paul Faibish. “Every area of production has been enhanced to improve quality and service. With our advanced conveyor systems the process is now completely automated from lens tapping to mapping.”

Plastic Plus has incorporated the latest lens manufacturing machinery from Satisloh, MEI, A&R, Schneider and OptoTech. Plastic Plus is committed to independent eye care providers offering products from the highest level of lens technology including Seiko, Rodenstock, Shaw Lens and IOT.

“We strive to provide the best lens technology available. We manufacture in Canada. We do not send our work offshore and we do not operate retail in direct competition with our Canadian clients,” said Faibish. “This lab is not just for us, but for our clients who believe like we do that independent optical is important and deserves the best products and service.”

The lab held its first official tour during the Ontario Opticians Association’s “Inside Optics” conference, on April 29th. For more information, visit

Laramy-K OpticianWorks Goes Behind The Scenes To Produce “How They’re Made: Surfaced Lenses and AR Coatings”


As part of their free, weekly, optician training video series distributed via Facebook and YouTube, Laramy-K Optical’s John Seegers, Director of Education, and Keith Benjamin, Director of Marketing, have released a new video covering the process of lens surfacing and AR coating application.

The 21 minute video, shot in the style of “How It’s Made,” takes viewers behind the scenes to document the process of making uncut lenses, both conventional and freeform, from ordering all the way to shipping. The video also takes an in-depth look at AR (anti-reflective) coating application, including spin-coated and dip-coated scratch-resistant layers.

“I have always felt opticians—and even ODs—should have a better understanding of the surfacing lab and everything that goes into a seemingly simple uncut lens,” said Seegers. “When they have that understanding, they feel more comfortable selling and ultimately can deliver a better product to their customers, which is what it’s all about. So, producing this video was a thrill for me.

Laramy-K’s popular YouTube channel now features 63 videos with more being added each week. Topics include lens materials, in-office finishing, lensometry and much more.

“We couldn’t be happier with how well the videos have been received,” noted Benjamin. “Even though the topics can be dry at times, with John’s personality and the magic of editing, we try to make every video as entertaining as possible. Our goal is to help brick-and-mortar opticals compete in a world where online sales are becoming more prevalent. Education is the first step in that direction.”

Laramy-K Optical, the only exclusively-uncut laboratory in the U.S., established in 1989 in Indianola, IA, is a leader in the use of freeform technology. The company offers a complete range of freeform and conventional uncut surfaced lenses and AR coatings, serving all industries.

OpticianWorks is the premier online education site for opticians. Established in 2008 and acquired by Laramy-K Optical in 2015 to help further its goal of improving optician education, OpticianWorks provides comprehensive optician training with courses that include optics, anatomy, optical products, sales, business management and in-office finishing.

For more information, visit or


New Products

Signet Armorlite Introduces KODAK Unique DRO Progressive Lens

Signet Armorlite, Inc. has announced the addition of Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lens to the Kodak Lens Professional Series.

With the increasing use of digital devices, it has become important to have a lens that supports prolonged, comfortable use of the reading area. Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lens is specifically designed to provide incredible vision at all distances while optimizing the reading zone to support prolonged viewing of mobile devices.

Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lens builds upon the outstanding features and benefits of Kodak Unique Lens, including a full backside progressive lens design, Vision First Design,i-Sync, six corridor lengths and availability in 60+ materials. And to accommodate the increased use of the reading area for mobile devices, Kodak Unique DRO Lens introduces Dynamic Reading Optimization (DRO). This new technology improves the overall optical performance of the lens while significantly reducing oblique astigmatic errors in the reading area.

When compared to the Kodak Unique Lens, Kodak Unique DRO Lens increases the effective reading area an average of 17 percent and decreases total oblique astigmatic errors in the reading zone an average of 54 percent. Kodak Unique DRO Progressive Lens allows the eyes to comfortably focus in the reading area for longer periods of time.

Kodak Unique DRO HD Progressive Lens is also available. The “HD” stands for “High-Definition” and includes measurements to adapt the lens to the individual patient’s viewing needs. Depending on frame style and wearing habits along with prescription and viewing distances, Kodak Unique DRO HD Lens can dramatically improve the patient’s viewing experience.

Kodak Unique DRO and Unique DRO HD Progressive Lenses is offered in addition to Kodak Unique and Unique HD Progressive Lenses. As part of the Kodak Lens Professional Series, Kodak Unique DRO and Unique DRO HD Lenses are available exclusively to independent ECPs. For more information, visit or To order Kodak Unique DRO Lens product literature, please visit

Vision Ease introduces Coppertone® Polarized Lenses in PPG Trivex®

Vision Ease expands its lightweight, high-performance Coppertone® Polarized Lenses line with new offerings in PPG Trivex® material. The material’s extreme durability and chemical resistance paired with Coppertone’s advanced sun protection create a lens that’s ideal for active consumers.

PPG Trivex material is the first new lens material to be offered in the Coppertone Polarized Lenses line since its polycarbonate introduction in 2007. Like Coppertone polycarbonate lenses, Coppertone Trivex lenses include advanced technology that blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and filters solar blue light. The lenses also eliminate more than 97 percent of blinding glare, and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV Filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.

“Today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for performance and protection in their sun lenses,” said Grady Lenski, chief marketing officer of Hoya Vision Care, Americas. “Coppertone Trivex lenses stand up to the demands of increasingly active lifestyles and deliver performance across all prescriptions and sunglass styles.”

Trivex material was developed by PPG, a global leader in optical lens materials and coatings. The product is an established category of lens material preferred by many eye care professionals for its optimum vision, lightweight comfort, durability and protection.

“PPG is proud to partner with Vision Ease to bring the performance of Trivex material to the Coppertone lens brand family,” said Phil Wojcik, PPG general manager, optical monomers and coatings. “We are excited to see the collaboration of the Vision Ease and PPG teams to develop this truly unique and versatile polarized lens.”

Coppertone Trivex lenses are immediately available in gray and brown SFSV. They can be used with all sunglass and frame styles, from wrap to rimless and beyond. For more information, visit



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