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- April 2018 -

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Lab Notes

Keith Posin Named President of GSRx, Inc.


Global Source Rx CEO and Founder, David Jochims has announced that Keith Posin has assumed the role of President of the fast-growing company.

In announcing Keith’s new role, Jochims stated, “Keith has been a partner in GSRx from its founding in 2013. As Executive VP, he has managed company operations through a period of rapid and consistent growth in sales, capacity and personnel, along with a move to a larger facility. He is one of the main reasons that GSRx is thriving, and his new position is well-earned.”

Posin is a 21-year veteran of the optical industry. He began his career as a sales manager for SOLA Optical, and later oversaw all sales efforts in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. In his role with GSRx, he is responsible for sales, marketing, customer service and lab operations.

Said Posin, “My time with GSRx has been the most challenging in my career, but also the most rewarding. I believe in our mission to level the playing field for independent optometry, and our impressive growth shows that we are fulfilling a significant need in the market. I’m looking forward to new challenges and even greater success.”

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New Products

Streampage Announces ECP Marketing Support

Streampage, a SaaS marketing automation company, is turning heads in the optical industry with the release of its push-button marketing platform which empowers eyecare professionals to better connect with their customers. 

Unlike current marketing automation providers in the optical space, Streampage’s innovative technology allows eyecare professionals to send pre-packaged marketing messages within minutes, not hours. No training is required.

“Our intelligent platform doesn’t just do the heavy lifting, it does all the lifting. Streampage takes the relationships eyecare professionals already have with their customers and infuses them with valuable, personalized content so that they come to life,” said Streampage CEO and Founder, Jon Schmitt.

To accomplish this, Streampage is actively developing strategic partnerships with world-class lens and frame manufacturers. These manufacturers supply expertly-written content that eyecare professionals can then send directly to their customers’ email inboxes via the Streampage system. This results in a win-win-win scenario for all parties involved. Customers receive personalized content that helps them make informed purchases, eyecare professionals enhance their credibility and develop better relationships with their clients, and manufacturers expand their brand’s reach. 

No other marketing automation provider uses this same model. Instead, they expect optical professionals to spend time creating their own content. Streampage is different. Here’s how:

Fast. Streampage enables optical practices to launch social and email campaigns in 1/500th of the time when compared to other tools.
More for less. Streampage’s patent-pending technology delivers double the engagement while sending a third of the emails when compared with other tools.
Happy customers. Since 2013, Streampage has retained 96 percent of its customers.
Drives real results. Streampage customers experience an average 250 percent ROI.

Streampage’s unique content distribution method ensures that eyecare professionals only send content of the highest quality to their customers—content created solely by industry experts as opposed to watered down materials written by some marketer who did a Google search on optical trends. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a marketing guru to use Streampage. The technology and user-friendly platform are as easy to use as Netflix. Learn more about Streampage by visiting

Professional Carts Expands Lab Division Services

Professional Carts Inc., a top distributor of Salesmaker carts in the country, recently expanded its laboratory division to better accommodate customers in that arena. Professional Carts Inc. clients include NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratory.

“Our carts were initially designed for the office equipment industry to ensure the safe transport of copiers, computers, printers, monitors etc. It didn’t take long for manufacturers and universities with laboratories to discover how our carts could be utilized for the safe transport of their sensitive electronic equipment—all while helping prevent injury to the person transporting those items,” said Barry Wolfert, CEO of Professional Carts Inc. “The popularity of our carts for laboratory use, particularly with high-profile accounts like NASA, have led us to expand that part of the company in terms of account management, customer services, sales and support.”

Salesmaker carts come in several different models to accommodate transport of items of various sizes and weights. Operating much like a gurney used for ambulance transport, the carts can be raised or lowered in three-inch increments to adjust to the height of the surface where the item to be transported sits. This enables movers to slide heavy or bulky items onto the cart rather than to have to lift it. The same technique can be used to deliver the items to its destination—lowering or raising the cart to the height of the surface and then sliding the item off the cart.

Salesmaker carts can accommodate weights up to 1,000 pounds. Depending on the model, the carts weigh anywhere from 36 to 85 pounds. Designed for durability and years of use, the carts neatly and easily fold for easy storage.Models in the Salesmaker carts line include: the Salesmaker PC Cart 294; Salesmaker Maxx 1000; Salesmaker Stairclimber 286; Salesmaker Low Profile 288; Salesmaker Easy Loader and the Salesmaker Heavy Duty 290.Professional Carts Inc. also offers additional carts lines including the Demtruk Variable Height Carts, which are built with either 300-lb. or 500-lb. weight capacity.

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