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- April 2017 -

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Lab Notes

Satisloh Consultants Improve Lab Processes and Quality

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Satisloh hopes to bring a little bit of “touch” back to lens processing, through its Aftermarket Consultant team. The company believes that as the optical industry migrates from manual to ever-increasing automation, there are fewer human touches to monitor lens quality as it moves through production processes. With less manual intervention, the lens isn’t seen until the end—no more tweaking mid-production to adjust for issues that occurred.

All of which, according to Satisloh, makes it more critical than ever that these processes are running at peak efficiencies and accuracy. To address this need, labs with Satisloh equipment have access to the company’s unique team of Aftermarket Consultants.

“Our team of five consultants, with 120 years combined optical experience, continues our partnership with customers long after equipment installations. We provide process-specific consumable implementation and maintenance. They’re trained to identify challenge areas in lens processing and provide recommendations and resolutions to improve quality and throughput,” said Steve Schneider, VP Aftermarket, Satisloh North America (photo).

The Satisloh Aftermarket Consultants have expertise in all lab process areas: blocking; generating; polishing; coating; and finishing as well as consumables, fluid management, and automation.

“No matter the problem — surface lens defect, hard coating pits, or off-axis —all are unacceptable and need to be resolved,” said Schneider. “This unique group of consultants can implement daily process controls that are key for today’s digital labs.”

Luxexcel 3D-Printed Lenses Achieve ISO Quality Level

Lab Advisor

Luxexcel has announced that its lenses are compliant with ISO 8980-1:2004 Focal Power standards for ophthalmic quality. Luxexcel lenses are printed with a dedicated 3D printer in an ophthalmic processing laboratory environment. The quality, straight out of the printer, is at industry required ISO quality level. The technology has now reached a stage of maturity where specialty lenses can be provided to the ophthalmic market.

“Luxexcel has developed an industrial 3D printing platform to 3D print specialty lenses like monofocals, bifocals, trifocals, with cylinders and prisms,” said Hans Streng, Chief Executive Officer of Luxexcel. “The lenses are thoroughly tested and on ISO quality level. This opens up business opportunities for ophthalmic labs to manufacture a wide range of specialty lenses with our technology.”

Luxexcel will be shipping the printing platform to ophthalmic labs this year.

Digital Eye Lab to Receive New Business Partner Award

Lab Advisor

Digital Eye Lab, a division of ABB Optical Group, was recognized during Arc of Westchester's Annual Employer Breakfast on April 26th with the organization’s New Business Partner Award. Arc of Westchester has been connecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as those with autism spectrum disorder, to the Westchester employment community since 1949. Digital Eye Lab has four employees who were recruited through Arc of Westchester and regularly partners with the organization to promote a diverse workplace.

“We are fortunate to have such a strong foundation of supporters, which made the task of selecting award winners a difficult one,” said Shari Lewitt, director of career development and support services for Arc of Westchester. “This award recognizes the contribution that Digital Eye Lab has made to further employment opportunities for residents of our community with autism and other development disabilities.”

Digital Eye Lab fabricates lenses and eyewear for optometrists across the country. The lab’s recently expanded facility in Hawthorne has multiple fabrication lines, an anti-reflective coating lab, and an extensive lens finishing center.

“We feel honored to receive Arc’s New Business Partner Award,” said Scott Pearl, managing director. “We cherish the profound impact these employees have on their co-workers, and recognize the tremendous value that they bring to our organization.”


New Products

Coburn Technologies Introduces Duality All-In-One Lens De-Taper and Cleaner

Coburn Technologies introduces a brand new system: Duality. Duality is built with a variety of key performance features, including a de-taping mechanism for efficient removal of surface saver tape; mechanical two-sided lens cleaning (with high-pressure wash) for removal of polish, tape adhesive and blocking materials; and a small footprint (less than 12 square feet). Each of the three stations (tape removal, front side cleaning, and back side cleaning) completes its function in 20-30 seconds, according to the company.

“Duality is unlike any other machine on the market today,” said Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies. “We have combined two crucial steps of lens processing into one machine, and have automated those processes in a cost effective and compact platform.”

For more information, visit

ZEISS Introduces EnergizeMe Lens for Contact Wearers

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Zeiss has launched EnergizeMe™—the first and only eyeglass lens designed specifically for vision needs of contact lens wearers. Contact lens wearers often keep their lenses in for extended periods and that causes them to experience eye strain and fatigue. Historically, eyeglass lenses were not made to refresh the eyes of contact lens wearers in these conditions—until now.

Zeiss EnergizeMe Lenses are a unique combination of a new lens design with Digital Inside Technology and DuraVision BlueProtect coating for optimum comfort and protection from digital eyestrain and blue light. They are designed to help tired eyes relax and prevent eyestrain caused by digital devices. Three EnergizeMe lens options are available to meet the vision needs of virtually any contact lens wearer: single-vision (with +0.40D add), digital (with +0.65D power boost) and progressives (from +0.75D to +4.00D add).

“For more than 170 years, Zeiss has built a tradition of firsts. We have reached yet another milestone by offering the first ever eyeglass lenses made specifically for contact wearers,” said Veneeta Eason, Senior Director of Marketing, Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. “Digital eye strain and eye fatigue caused by contact lens use are pervasive, and Zeiss EnergizeMe Lenses will allow Eye Care Professionals to optimally serve the vision needs of the 40 million contact lens wearers in the market.”

Company research suggests that there are as many as 26 million contact lens wearers in the U.S. who also enjoy wearing eyeglasses, especially while reading, watching television, and using mobile devices.

Coburn Technologies Introduces New Lens Generator to the Cobalt Product Line

Coburn Technologies has added a new lens generator to its Cobalt product line—Cobalt NX. Key features of the Cobalt NX include: auto-calibration for more efficient and faster processing, on-board engraving with capabilities to produce simple shapes and alphanumeric using the secondary axis, interrupted cut (eliminating the need for a granulator) and cold mist/dry cut.

“The Cobalt NX continues to push the limits to produce superior quality lenses in terms of form and finish, and more accurately replicates the target lens geometry,” said Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies. “Cobalt NX is a result of extensive market research efforts and customer visits in Asia, Latin America and the US.”

“Cobalt NX brings next level lens generating techniques to our product line. We are also excited to say that this new generator is validated on several branded and non-branded freeform lens designs,” added Wendell Slone, Director of Coburn’s Lab Works Group.

For more information, visit



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