Cherry Optical Lab Expansion and Upgrade Will Add Capacity and Improve Efficiency


Cherry Optical Lab (COL) is embarking on an extensive expansion and upgrade of its facilities.

The full-service, independent wholesaler will add 6,500 square feet of space to its production area to create a cohesive, 32,900 square foot campus consisting of four buildings. Existing storage areas and offices will be remodeled.

“The increased space will make room for additional digital-surfacing equipment, edging equipment, expanded on-site inventory, bench-and-assembly stations, inspection systems, and customer service,” COL president Adam Cherry said. He noted that the added equipment and automation, much of which is being sourced from Schneider Optical Machines, will deliver significantly improved efficiency and almost triple the lab’s jobs per hour capability.

The expansion will also allow COL to significantly increase its anti-reflection coating capacity and capabilities, Cherry said. He said the lab is partnering with Essilor to produce current and future versions of Crizal AR coating, as well as with Quantum Innovation, whose Fusion M technology provides customer mirror coatings on-site.

The addition of Satisloh 1200 coaters will double COLs capacity and speed, Cherry noted. He added that the lab’s finishing department, which also uses Schneider equipment, will also increase its capacity while preserving its custom beveling capabilities.

“The Wisconsin State Motto is 'Forward,' and that is what Cherry Optical Lab is doing,” said Cherry. “Leading through the past two months, against a previously unimaginable headwind, has made 'forward' a bit more daunting. Still, it hasn't stopped our determination to improve, succeed, and be showcasing how happy people make better lenses.”

The project, which is due to be completed in August, 2020, is being managed by Bayland Buildings.


Labtalk June 2020