Executing Customer Service Magic

By by Kostya Kimlat
A sale, like a great magic trick, occurs inside the customer’s mind. The following four tools and techniques are used in magic to create the perception of magical experiences. When executed together, they are a part of a winning strategy of customer service magic. 

So, ask yourself:

What assumptions are your customers making?

How are you acknowledging them?

How are you building anticipation to heighten emotions?

And what are you doing to surprise, delight, and ultimately astonish your customers?


People are constantly making assumptions. Magicians use the assumptions that the human brain naturally makes “against” you. Assumptions impact every interpersonal interaction and can be helpful or hurtful. First, consider what assumptions you are making about your customers. Are you assuming they like you, your brand or your product? Or are you assuming they’re skeptical of you?

Second, think about what assumptions they are making of you. People perceive what they expect, so before you can deliver on any customer service, you need to get into the mind of your customer, client or patient, and understand what they’re assuming is going to happen when they interact with you.


A human interaction can only be successful if the customer’s assumptions are acknowledged.  Acknowledgment communicates authenticity. What are the assumptions—true or false—your prospective customers most frequently make about you or your business?  What can you say or do to acknowledge each of those assumptions, in order to proceed with the relationship?


Studies have shown that your mind is in a constant state of anticipation, making predictions about the future, and then rewarding or punishing you for being right or wrong. This is what makes magic so much fun to watch—your brain is constantly making predictions about how a trick might end. And when your brain guesses correctly, it’s rewarded handsomely.

Creating anticipation is an ultimate tool of perception, a masterful tactic that can create intrigue and heightened emotions, leading to a better payoff in the end. Like a magician, you can raise anticipation levels in a sales interaction by painting a picture of how the customer’s future might look. What can you say to get a customer excited? What emails could you send to heighten this sense of anticipation?


Have you ever been amazed by a magician? Excellent customer service comes down to how well you’re able to astonish your customer. Astonishment taps into your customer’s emotional brain, and it’s in the emotional brain that brand loyalty becomes rooted and repeat business generated.

So how can you add moments of astonishment to your interactions? What surprises can you plan? How can you take things a step beyond meeting their anticipated expectations and deliver something they wouldn’t have imagined possible?

Teach these tactics to your employees, and they’ll be masters at delivering magical customer service.

Kostya Kimlat is a keynote speaker and corporate magician who fooled Penn & Teller on their hit TV show, “Fool Us.” Kostya speaks to businesses about how to Think Like A Magician to improve sales and customer service. For more information, visit www.TheBusinessMagician.com.