Express Lens Lab Celebrates 25th Anniversary


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA—Express Lens Lab, like many small businesses, started from humble beginnings.

As founder and owner Brian Goldstone remembers it, the lab was launched to provide an in-house processing facility for his father Harvey’s three-location optometry practice. However, it wasn’t long before the younger Goldstone set his sights on bigger ambitions. On October 15th, Express will celebrate its 25th anniversary as an independent wholesale lab based in Orange County, California, but with a nationwide customer base.

“We started initially as an integrated retail lab, then expanded into a local lab with a handful of customers,” Goldstone said. “Now, we have customers across the country. And through it all, we’ve remained independent and thrived.”

When Goldstone first decided to go the wholesale route, Express had 15 employees occupying a 750-square-foot facility and processing 150 jobs per day. Two of those employees, lab manager John Rodriguez and customer service rep Jackie Delaine remain with the company today.

Express moved into its current facility in 1995, and the lab now has 50 employees and produces 750 jobs per day. It has contracts with multiple federal, state and local government agencies and has a national safety eyewear program. Express also oversees the eyeglass processing for mobile eye clinics, many of which provide their services free of charge or at low cost for those in need.

In an industry in which many independent businesspeople have struggled to survive, the lab is one of many success stories. “The best part of my job is the sense of accomplishment my employees and I feel being part of something that started from scratch and has successfully navigated the choppy waters of the optical industry,” Goldstone noted. “It’s given me the opportunity to allow those who have been with me along the way to thrive and to strive to offer outstanding service to our constantly growing customer base.”


LABTALK March 2019