Vision Ease Launches a SV 1.67 Lenses

Vision Ease has introduced a new line of single vision 1.67 high-index lenses. The lenses offer customers the most thin, lightweight, single vision 1.67 high-index lens configurations in the industry. The new product line is a result of VISION EASE’s recent acquisition of South Korean high-index manufacturer, Daemyung Optical Co. Ltd. (DMO). The addition of DMO’s capabilities has increased VISION EASE’s distribution channels and its breadth of products. Availability includes Finished and Semi-Finished lenses in Aspheric and Spherical designs along with both scratch-coat and non-scratch-coat options. What’s more, customers can choose from MR7 and MR10 resins. For full product specifications of the VISION EASE 1.67 high-index lenses, visit

Transitions Lenses Protect Against Harmful Blue Light

All Transitions lenses help protect against harmful blue light everywhere you need it. Indoors, Transitions lenses help protect eyes against harmful blue light emitted by artificial sources such as digital devices and LED lights. Outdoors, they help provide extra protection from the sun by shielding eyes from glare, intense harmful blue light and UV rays. Transitions Signature VII lenses help protect your eyes from blue light everywhere you need it by blocking at least 20 percent of the harmful blue light indoors, which is up to two times more than standard clear lenses and they block over 85 percent outdoors.

Transitions XTRActive lenses are even more effective – they provide extra protection against blue light everywhere you need it by blocking at least 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and 88 percent to 95 percent of harmful blue light outdoors. Transitions Vantage lenses are also effective – blocking at least 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and over 85 percent outdoors. For more information visit

LABTECH: New Products May/June 2016

New Santinelli Edger

Santinelli International introduced the all-new LE-1200 Lens Edger at Vision Expo East. The model features a newly designed multi-frame tracer, software that offers a shorter cycle time for higher productivity and a special tailored min-bevel function. As the company is commemorating their 25th anniversary with NIDEK Co., Ltd. this year, part of their new booth included an autograph wall for clients to sign. For more information:

Satisloh’s VFT-orbit 2 Raises the Bar

A few years ago, Satisloh introduced their high-volume VFT-orbit. The company is raising the bar that their high-volume flagship generator set with the introduction of the new VFT-orbit 2. The fully-automated VFT-orbit 2 is even faster, easier to service, and the most robust generator in its class. 

“Several innovations make the VFT-orbit 2 incredibly fast. A high performance milling spindle for cribbing and rough surfacing improves speed and throughput up to 20 percent,” said Ian Gregg, VP, sales operations, “Also the proprietary milling tool interface for the 14-tooth cutter enables 60 percent higher revolution speed and guarantees unsurpassed accuracy and stiffness, reduced run-out and extended tool life.”

The new design not only differs visually from the old one, but also makes service and maintenance easier. It has a round, LED-illuminated working chamber so operators can easily clean and maintain the machine as well as see process steps clearly. A new machine base design offers installation options, with the choice of either left or right drainage, as well as ergonomically better access to utility connections.

Another design feature making the VFT-orbit 2 even better than its predecessor is Satisloh’s new proprietary tool holder with an optional integrated cooling system. This allows processing all materials with highest accuracy and lowers tool costs. Improving its robustness is a new V10 B-axis with an electrical plug-in system that makes maintenance easy. A power-save mode automatically turns off air bearings when the machine is idle, resulting in up to 20 percent overall energy savings. Satisloh’s innovative engineering once again raises the bar for digital generating. For more information, visit




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