Get Those Job Tray Clean

Cleaning caked-on polish from job trays is a near-impossible task. Alternatives such as tray inserts, industrial washing machines, or replacing dirty job trays have been the only available options. Now there’s a solution for removing dried polish from job trays and restoring them to like-new condition: OptiSource’s new Job Tray Cleaner.  With OptiSource’s new formula, the lifetime of a job tray is extended and the problem of scratching lenses from built-up polish is finally eliminated. The new Job Tray Cleaner works instantly by using a simple spread-on and wipe-off process, and is good for both traditional and robotic-style job trays. This formula has been specially developed not only to remove dried polish from job trays, but also from any other polish-laden surface, making it a must-have for all labs.  For more information visit the OptiSource Website at Check out their E-Catalog at:






Mate the Curve with Eyewire Curving Press

Western Optical Product’s new Curving Press is the ideal way to perfectly mate the curve of the eye wire to the base curve of the lens bevel. The Eyewire Curving Press presses the curve simultaneously in the same place on the top and bottom of the eye wire. Place the eye wire between the matching 6 or 9 base curved blocks and screw closed.  Tighten less for other variations in base curves. The Eyewire Curving Press is also used to narrow the bridge for a better fit and to reduce the frame DBL. The Eyewire Curving Press is part number 7080 and can be seen on the Western Optical’s  Website at where you can watch a live demonstration (Western Optical LIVE! page 30). Shamir X3 is available to order through authorized distributor labs nationwide.





LABTECH: New Products January/February

App Helps ECPs Identify Digital Eye Strain

ZEISS has developed a free downloadable app to help ECPs identify patients with symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, and support sales of the new ZEISS Digital Lens.

“According to the Vision Council, 70 percent of U.S. adults have symptoms of digital eye strain,” said Claude Labeeuw, VP marketing for ZEISS Vision Care North America. However, most are unaware that these symptoms can be addressed with the right eyeglass lenses. This app gives an initial indication that the patient is experiencing symptoms, and helps ECPs start a conversation about how to address them with solutions like ZEISS Digital Lens.”

The app exists in two distinct versions; one is tablet-based and designed for use in the practice, and the other is smartphone-based and can be downloaded directly by consumers. Each measures visual performance in the course of repeated changes of focus from near to distance, with an assessment provided at the end. The consumer version gives the user the opportunity to learn more about ZEISS Digital Lens, and to find a ZEISS practice in his or her area.  The ECP app is available for download at The consumer version is available from iTunes and Google Play; additional information can be found at


Vision Council Releases Digital Eye Strain Report


The Vision Council is ramping up its efforts to educate consumers and members of the press about the impact of digital device use on vision health with the release of their 2015 Digital Eye Strain report at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The report, Hindsight is 20/20/20: Protect Your Eyes from Digital Devices, reveals that nearly 95 percent of Americans spend two or more hours every day on digital devices, permeating all aspects of our personal lives. The report found that the majority of Americans experience Digital Eye Strain as a result - an issue that is compounded by a severe lack of awareness about how the use of these devices affect our eyes and vision health. To view or download a copy of Hindsight is 20/20/20: Protect Your Eyes from Digital Devices, visit

Shamir Updates Their Rewards Program

Shamir updated their RCPV Rewards program including product eligibility and point allocations with changes effective January 1st, 2015. The RCPV program is Shamir’s customer loyalty rewards program. Participants earn points by selling 15 pairs of qualified Shamir lenses in one calendar month. Once the 15 pair minimum is reached, practices accumulate points according to the Shamir lenses dispensed. The program will function the same as the 2014 program with a few product updates, which have been outlined below:

SHAMIR CREATION - Points will no longer by given for Creation sales, however, Creation sales will continue to count towards the 15 pair minimum.

SHAMIR DUO - Duo sales will now count toward the 15 pair minimum, however, no points will be given for Duo sales.

SHAMIR GLACIER PLUS- Glacier Plus, Shamir’s premium AR Coating, is now eligible for Shamir RCPV Rewards at the following points per pair: Shamir Glacier Plus: 750 pts/pair.  Points will be given for Glacier Plus; however, sales will not count toward the 15 pair minimum.

Shamir’s RCPV Rewards Program continues to include exciting prizes such as Apple products, housewares, electronics, optical items, personalized giveaway items, as well as gift cards from several popular retailers including Visa, Target, and Walmart. Program participants can log in to view the complete selection of prizes available on the site at

“It is our goal with our rewards program to ensure practices have the best prizes and rewards dollars available to them. We strive to create a program that fulfills the needs of every Shamir RCPV® program participant and we hope these program updates will help to achieve that goal,” said Mark Becker, VP of marketing and strategic partnerships. For more information regarding the 2015 RCPV Program updates, please contact Shamir at 877-514-8330.

Making Sunglass Wraps 40 Percent Thinner

“The most important headline is that we can now make the 6 and 8 base sunglass wraps 40 percent thinner,” said Ronald Cotran , co-owner and VP of US Optical. “Whether it’s a plus 4 or a minus 6 our new thin lens series are 40 percent thinner than any other sunglass technology. While higher minus RX lenses have a thick edge and higher plus lenses have a thicker center and nasal area, our new US Optical lenses and technology offer customers any fashionable sunglass frame with substantially thinner results. This is achieved by creating a dynamic engineered viewing zone and with advanced mathematical algorithms thinning the edges in a blended area creating thinner plus and minus lenses.”

US Optical’s proprietary lens technology THIN WRAP HD progressive and THIN SINGLE VISION WRAP HD is protected under US patent 8,002,404 and 8,449,111. For more information visit the Website at or call 315-463-4800.

Additional Material Availability and Product Improvements from Shamir

Shamir expands Freeform material availability and base range to provide wider selection in their premium progressive lens line with an expansion of their current Single Vision material availability to include a comprehensive selection of treatments, including Single Vision SuperLite 1.74 Transitions Signature VII, Gray and Brown. They have also expanded the base range for Single Vision Polycarbonate Polarized 82mm to include 7.25. The new material comes in a wide variety of indexes and treatments to accommodate each patient’s prescription and lifestyle needs. Shamir Single Vision blanks are ideal for single vision use and are compatible with all Freeform designs. Shamir Single Vision 1.74 SuperLite Transitions Signature VII, Gray and Brown, is available to order now. Transitions Signature VII is more responsive in more situations, being more reactive to indirect light and darker especially in warmer conditions—while at the same time keeping excellent clarity indoors and fast to fade back. Please see the table below for availability and approved coatings.

Shamir has optimized their Polycarbonate Polarized 82mm line of semi-finished Single Vision materials to ensure premier optics and as a result have also extended the base curve availability. Shamir’s Single Vision Polycarbonate Polarized 82mm design now includes a 7.25 base. Single Vision Polycarbonate Polarized (82mm) reduces glare and improves contrast resulting in enhanced clarity. This blank will allow lenses to be produced for a wider selection of wrap frames due to the 82mm diameter. More people will now be able to benefit from Shamir’s Freeform technology than ever before. For more information regarding products or material availability, contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at 877.514.8330.

Premium Diamond Products

Jeanie Premium Products, Inc., offers new diamond tooling for turning tools and milling cutters, plus retooling including relap and reblande of all diamond tooling. In addition to the standard natural and synthetic diamond tooling, Jeanie Premium Products recently introduced a longer life diamond, the JP LL48, for 6-, 8-, and 12-tooth milling cutters. Labs that tested and used the new diamond found they were getting a minimum of 25 to 30 percent more cuts than with a standard milling cutter.

“We’ve gone from relapping and reblading into long-life diamonds. This is a sister idea to our JP GOLD LL47—Long Life Diamond Turning Tool product line—available in shanks and various insert styles. We also correct tooling for our customers that was done improperly elsewhere. We can help OEMs and individual labs save thousands of dollars. We can fix a tool for about a third of the cost of buying a new one,” explained Melissa Vesser, president of Jeanie Premium Products, Inc. For more information call 952-426-3237 or visit their Website at

Transitions Optical Names Lab of the Year Finalists

The U.S. Transitions Lab of the Year title has been awarded annually since 1991 to an independent lab demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting Transitions Optical and its products and programs. The finalists will be honored during Transitions Academy, held January 25-28 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Orlando. The 2014 finalists include:

·Expert Optics – Since its beginnings in 1979, Expert Optics has operated as an independent laboratory. Headquartered in Shorewood, Illinois, the full service, wholesale distributor delivers a wide range of high-quality optical products and services to eyecare professionals. Expert was named a finalist for the award previously in 2012.

· Optical Prescription Lab (OPL) – Since 1977, OPL has operated as a family-owned lab headquartered in Pelham, Alabama. Today, OPL provides premium optical products to eyecare professionals throughout the southeast. OPL is has been named Transitions Lab of the Year in 2011 and 2013 and has also been honored as a finalist three times previously.

· Walman Optical – Walman Optical is an employee-owned company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1915, the company is the largest independent ophthalmic company in the United States, with more than 40 branch offices in 19 states. Walman was named Transitions Lab of the Year in 1997 and has also been named a finalist three times.

Get Creative

Santinelli International is bringing back its “Think Outside the Box Edge” Rimless Eyewear Contest for 2015. Santinelli ME clients are encouraged to create and submit a pair of their own rimless eyewear designs using their edger’s innovative Design Cut technology. Winning entries will be displayed at the Santinelli booth at Vision Expo East in March as well as on the company’s website and Facebook page.

 “We were absolutely blown away by the submissions we received the first time we held this contest. We have some highly creative and enthusiastic clients – they love sharing their creations with the industry by being a part of our contest. Some of them are extremely competitive and relish the opportunity to get bragging rights,” said Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO, Santinelli International.

In addition to having bragging rights and their eyewear on display, first, second and third prize winners will receive $500, $250 and $100, respectively, toward any purchase within Santinelli International’s ever-expanding product line. For contest details and how to enter, visit: For more information, please call Michele Candiano at 631.731.1307.



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