Shamir added Transitions Signature VII, Transitions Vantage and BluTech to their product mix. They have also expanded the prism range in their Freeform line to 10 diopters. The new materials come in a wide variety of indexes and treatments to accommodate each patient’s prescription and lifestyle needs. Shamir Single Vision blanks are ideal for single vision use and are compatible with all Freeform designs. Shamir Single Vision Transitions Signature VII and Transitions Vantage are available to order now. For more information visit the Shamir Website at

Super Atoric Single Vision Free-Form Lenses Now in All Materials

SEIKO’s Super Atoric SVFF are digitally surfaced single-vision lenses providing precision and superior optics unmatched by traditionally surfaced lenses. The Super Atoric SVFF design minimizes optical aberrations in the as worn position and is optimized in both the spherical and cylindrical power. They are available in all of the same materials and coatings as SEIKO’s free form PALs including Transitions and polarized. For more information contact Seiko at 800-235-5367 or visit their Website at

LABTECH: New Products July/August


ZEISS Launches PureCoat PLUS AR

PureCoat PLUS, Zeiss’s newest reflective coating, builds on the success of the company’s original PureCoat AR with improved hydrophobic performance and durability. ZEISS PureCoat PLUS is one of the clearest AR coatings available, with residual reflectance below one percent. It is also up to 50 percent more scratch-resistant than many available AR coatings, helping the lenses retain their clarity and their like-new appearance.

 The hydrophobic performance of the original PureCoat has been improved with an even higher contact angle for easier cleaning. More important, tests have shown that the coating retains 97 percent of its hydrophobic properties over the life of the prescription, significantly higher than other premium AR coatings on the market today. This means that the lens will be nearly as easy to clean after two years of wear as on the day of purchase. For more information visit the Zeiss Website at


Coburn Technologies completed its last production model SL2 generator, and simultaneously completed the first production model of its latest lens generator, the CobaltLTE . Coburn will still be providing support and service to the over 2,500 SL2’s in operation worldwide, but will no longer be building or selling new versions of the machine.

Coburn’s latest generator, the Cobalt LTE, delivers wet cut quality results without the need for a water management system, and like the SL2, only requires approximately 20 sq/ft of lab space—inclusive of all ancillary equipment. The generator features Coburn’s proven mist-cut generating technology as well as air bearing, voice coil, and direct drive technology to increase cutting accuracy and lens through-put. And just like the SL2, this new generator will be built exclusively in America.

Key features of the new generator include:

  • Processes traditional and digital free-form lenses
  • “Cold-Mist” System provides wet-cut generating comparable results with superior surface finish without the need for a water management system
  • Smaller footprint, requiring only approximately 20 sq/ft of lab space including its external vacuum
  • Direct drive spindle for improved control
  • Coburn’s patented and globally licensed single-point diamond turning lathe technology
  • Precision air bearings and voice coil actuation for increased cutting accuracy
  • Expandable product platform from conventional processing only (Cobalt LT) upgradable to free-form (Cobalt LTE) for a lower cost solution that grows with the customers’ business
  • Engineered and Manufactured in USA

Alex Incera, president of Coburn Technologies stated, “We are sad to see the end of an era for one of our most successful products, at the same time we are excited to announce a machine that we feel will one day become   just as popular with small- to medium-sized labs looking to be able to offer digital free-form designs in-house.” For more information contact Coburn at 1-800-COBURN-1.


Coburn’s new X-Edge pads are designed for general use lens edging applications including uncoated, hard coated and standard AR lenses. Coated on both sides with a high cohesive strength synthetic rubber PSA, the high-density cross-linked EVA copolymer foam creates a pad that can resist high shearing forces while still providing easy and clean removal from the lens.

Key features of the new pad include:

  • Extremely high shear strength
  • Clean removability
  • Moisture resistant
  • High-density cross-linked EVA copolymer foam
  • High cohesive strength synthetic rubber PSA
  • Outperforms leading brands, including 3M LEAP III, in lab and end-user tests

X-Edge pads are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a large variety of finish blocks. Product is available worldwide, and online for US customers at For more information contact the Coburn Lab Works division directly at (866-450-0412) or by calling Coburn’s main number (800-COBURN-1) and asking for Lab Works.


 Now there are three choices when it comes to Freeform sun designs – Shamir Attitude III – Fashion, Shamir Attitude III – Sport, and Shamir Attitude III SV (single vision), all designed to provide patients with the perfect visual solution to satisfy all their sunwear needs. The new line of Attitude III lenses utilizes Shamir’s EyePoint Technology III, which provides an improved viewing experience for all patients regardless of lens power or frame choice.

Shamir Attitude III – Fashion is perfect for everyday outdoor activities with expanded vision zones and enhanced peripheral vision all in a design that fits in even the biggest fashion sunglass frames. Available in fitting heights of 15mm and 18mm.

Shamir Attitude III – Sport is a specialized progressive sun lens suited for sports and active lifestyles with a wide, distortion-free far vision zone. The corridor has been designed to provide optimal vision in the 3 to 16 foot area in front of the athlete, critical for sports. Available with an 18mm fitting height.

Shamir Attitude III – SV is a single vision lens designed to provide maximized visual comfort for sport and outdoor needs with expanded peripheral vision. For more information contact Shamir at 877-514-8330.



Seiko Optical Products of America, introduces SEIKO Superior, SEIKO’s most advanced and precisely customized dual patented 100 percent internal free-form design. SEIKO Superior is an “ultra-personalized lens” that starts with three unique designs—Superior B for outstanding balance; Superior N for comfortable near vision; and Superior F for Clear Far Vision— that are prioritized to match the patient’s lifestyle.

Once the patient’s ideal visual needs are determined ECPs can choose from 11 different corridor lengths (8mm to 18mm), accommodating nearly every size and shape frame, even the smallest fashion-friendly eyewear. Superior also offers 51 options for the near zone inset (0mm to 5.0mm) and 21 options for frame pantoscopic tilt (0° to 20°) to completely personalize their lenses. Superior is available in a wide variety of materials and coatings with add powers from +0.50 to +4.00 (8 & 9mm corridors to +3.00). The Superior design also processes convex curves onto the concave back surface of the lens, permitting the use of flatter base curves on plus power prescriptions. The result is lenses which are up to 25 percent flatter in profile, even when compared to other Seiko free-form designs.   For more information contact Seiko Optical Products of America at 800-235-5367 or visit their Website at


 The new KODAK Unique HD Progressive Lens from Signet Armorlite offer all the features of KODAK Unique Lenses as well as an added level of individual patient customization. The ‘High-Definition’ (HD) in KODAK Unique HD Progressive Lenses uses point-of-wear measurements that allow the prescription to be highly-customized to the patient’s unique visual needs, resulting in an enhanced wearing experience.

 The tagline, “We Are All Unique.” for KODAK Unique HD Progressive Lenses clearly embodies the fact that each progressive lens wearer is unique and this should be accounted for in the lens prescription.

To customize the prescription, KODAK Unique HD Lens requires four additional measurements: pantoscopic angle, wrap angle, back vertex distance and reading distance. Eyecare practices can capture these measurements using the KODAK Lens IDS (Intelligent Dispensing Software). Default measurements are also available.

“KODAK Unique HD Lenses are a natural evolution in the KODAK Lens family. With prescription customization for the individual patient, KODAK Unique HD is a lens that independent eyecare practices can confidently recommend and patients can trust,” states Brad Staley, president, Signet Armorlite, Inc. For more information visit the Signet Armorlite Website at .

The Essilor 360° lens design gives patients superior vision – including more vivid colors and crisper details – providing wearers with better vision for any activity. Now these lenses are available in a wider variety of materials. Essilor Digital Single Vision lenses are now available in TREXA Clear and Transitions Signature VII, Airwear Polycarbonate Transitions Vantage and Airwear Polycarbonate Transitions XTRActive. With these additional material and light adaptive offerings, eye care professionals can now satisfy a wider array of patients’ needs with Essilor 360° single vision digital lenses. For more information on Essilor 360° lenses, including Essilor 360°, Essilor FIT, Essilor Azio, and Essilor Eyecode, please visit



Western Optical’s growing brand of exclusive hand tools and dispensing accessories are so unique they need to be seen in action to be appreciated. Now on the Western Optical Website customers can find over 50 video demonstrations of products and product lines by clicking on Western Optical LIVE! or the Product Demonstration links. To check out these video demonstrations, go to .



Complementing its new collection of optical tools, supplies and working aides, Santinelli International now offers a simple and effective way to add nose bridge support to plastic frames with its Titanium Pad Arm Kit. The addition of nose pad arms is a perfect solution for patients with low nose profiles who prefer wearing plastic frames. The pad arms raise the frame, allow for greater adjustment of pantoscopic tilt and, most importantly, prevent the frame from continuously sliding down the nose.

After removing the existing integral nose pads on either a zyl or optyl frame, the pad arms can be mounted by simply drilling a tiny hole into the frame’s bridge with the provided pin vice and drill bit. The titanium arms are inserted into the frame and securely held in place by the specially designed “barbed-end” posts of the arms. The process is simple and clean without the need for any glue   or chemical adhesive.

The kit includes a pin vise, drill bit, punch tool, 15 pairs of PVC nose pads and titanium arms in assorted colors, all stored in a handy organizer to keep tools and parts secure. Pad arm refills are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. See the Titanium Pad Arm Kit in action by viewing the video at For more information call Santinelli at 800.644.3343 and press option 6.


Removing the display lenses from a frame, especially a rimlon eyewire, can be time consuming and frustrating. The new lens splitting plier from Western Optical Supply makes the process easy. With just one squeeze, the lens is busted, making the removal easy. To watch the Lens Splitting Plier (#5027F) in action, go to  and click on Western Optical LIVE! And find page 23.



Keeping the lab environment healthy, safe and pleasant for your employees is essential and Santinelli International’s LED-200 can be just the solution for odorous gases created during the high-index edging process. The LED-200 removes odorous gases, is extremely user-friendly and features a built-in vacuum and automatic on/off operation with a delayed timer. The compact LED-200, through its easily-replaced charcoal activated filter, removes 90 percent of strong odors and is therefore well-suited for labs with poor or no ventilation. The LED-200 connects to any lens edger with a grinding-chamber exhaust port, will integrate with all existing cooling system (tank and pump or direct water) and neatly fits under a cabinet or counter. For more information visit the company’s Website:



 The new Coolant Filtration System (CFS) from PSI, removes fine and abrasive lens particles from coolant for digital and conventional lens processing generating and edging, eliminating blocked jets and premature pump failure. These units do not require manual cleanout of sediment reducing machine downtime. Filtering the coolant reduces coolant and disposal costs, along with extending the life of cutting tools and wheels. Using a CFS will improve the lens finish and quality as well as lab cleanliness and odor control creating a better working environment.   These modular units are self-contained, keeping all the liquid inside the tank and not on the lab floor. PSI’CFS units are available in several models and sizes to meet any size lab’s needs. PSI will evaluate the lab’s needs and make recommendations based on volume and space. PSI is the exclusive distributor for Losma in the Americas for the Optical Industry.   For more information, call 800-237-8154 or visit



Designed specifically for Nidek pliable blocks, these new deblocking pliers from Santinelli International feature a cushioned, silicone grip with built-in finger “channels” on the handle for comfort and ease of use. The tool’s spring-loaded plier action provides fast and accurate removal of pliable blocks. Additionally, the pliers are crafted with an optimal jaw angle, eliminating the potential for lens surface and/or frame finish damage. The unique design of the jaws, which envelop the block, minimizes wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the block. These Italian-designed deblocking pliers are made of high-grade stainless steel with ergonomic silicone handles, which are color-coded for quick identification. For more information visit


Shamir Autograph III Receives New VSP Code Category

 As of March 28th, 2014, Shamir’s Autograph III is now designated as Category ‘N’ through VSP, giving it the highest reimbursement for ECPs.    Autograph III is designed for patients who want an advanced everyday progressive solution. Shamir Autograph III is a balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription, ensuring a clear and comfortable visual experience for all.   Shamir Autograph III utilizes the following features and technologies: EyePoint Technology III, Natural Posture, IntelliCorridor and As-Worn Quadro and is available in four design fitting heights: 11mm, 13mm, 15mm and 18mm as well as a variable design (11mm and up).   Optical labs selling Autograph III will want to pass this information onto their customers. For questions or more information regarding Shamir Autograph III, contact Shamir at 877.514.8330.



July/August LabTalk 2014