Brand New Photochromic Technology

With the launch of Transitions Optical’s latest photochromic lens, Transitions Signature VII came the debut of a whole new photochromic technology, Chromea7. This new dye formulation allows the lens to be more reactive to indirect sunlight and reflected sunlight, becoming even darker on hot days. Transitions VII replaces Transitions VI. The new lens is more responsive in more situations, with testing taking place in more than 200 real life situations including varying temperatures, weather conditions, geographies, and light sources. Transitions Signature VII is available in gray and brown.

“The gray tint is a more neutral color, offering true life color, while the brown is the best everyday contrast-enhancing lens we’ve ever offered,” said John Ligas, director, research and development, Transitions Optical.

Key benefits of the new lens are: better darkness outdoors; improved responsiveness in more situations; speed of activation and fadeback as good as Transitions VI; and excellent clarity indoors and at night. In wearer tests, Transitions Signature VII lenses were preferred two to one over Transitions VI lenses. Visit to learn more.


Santinelli International introduces its most compact and economical lens finishing system yet, the LE-700 Edging Station. “Next-step” wizard technology takes the operator step-by-step through the entire tracing, blocking, edging and grooving process, utilizing a color touch display. The reliable, space-saving unit introduces “tracer-free” technology, measuring demo lenses and patterns within the processing chamber. In addition to tracing the demo lens circumference, its front curve is measured to obtain 3-D tracing data and perform accurate 3-D edging. The option to add-on a front-loading frame tracer, which confidently handles high-wrap frames, is also available. Its low measurement pressure minimizes frame distortion, assuring superb accuracy. An intelligent blocker is integrated into the sleek design of the LE-700, delivering accurate and consistent blocking results. For more information, contact Santinelli International at 800.644.3343.

LABTECH: New Products March/April


Versatile Advanta FSV

Vision-Ease Lens introduced Advanta, its new spherical FSV polycarbonate lens that is the ultimate in versatility. Advanta lenses feature flatter front curves, providing better aesthetics and fitting with today’s frames, and ample edge thickness on low minus and plus powers accommodate rimless and drill mount frames. For maximum scratch resistance and excellent AR compatibility, Advanta lenses are protected by VEL’s own Continua thermal-cured hard coating. The lenses have base curve compatibility with Vision-Ease Lens SFSV for out-of-range surfacing or stock outage. Advanta lenses use the latest polycarbonate resins for the best optical clarity, manufactured under ISO 9001 guidelines and inspected to meet industry leading quality standards. Immediate availability is 65mm and 75mm diameters for +4.00 to -8.00 spheres up to -2.00 cylinder. For more information, Visit

Premium Glass Progressive and Single Vision Free Form Lenses

Luzerne Optical Laboratories, Ltd., released CrownView lenses, the first premium glass progressive and single vision free-form lenses in the United States. CrownView has a soft progressive design with smooth power changes for effortless adaptation and increased patient comfort. CrownView progressive lenses offer the lowest minimum fitting height in glass progressive lenses and can accommodate smaller frames to decrease weight. They offer larger diameter progressive lens blanks for greater cut-out availability. CrownView is also available in an aspheric/atoric single vision design. CrownView lenses feature the largest selection of glass materials and colors available for progressive lenses in the marketplace. Clear/White: 1.523 Crown, 1.70 and 1.60. Photochromic: Photogray Extra, Photobrown Extra, Photogray Thin & Dark, Autumn Gold. Fixed Tints: G-15, Grey 3, Grey 1 & 2, Green 2 & 3, Rose 1 & 2, and Canary Yellow. Polarized: Autumn Gold, Grey C & Brown C. Occupational: Ace Amethyst Contrast Enhancement filter glass for sodium flare protection. These lenses are also available with Luzerne Optical’s in-house AR and mirror treatments: Zeiss Super ET and Zeiss Gold ET, Zeiss Cool Blue, Cool Silver and Cool Gold Mirrors. Lenses are available Uncut or Edged and Mounted. A lab-to-lab program is available and inquiries are welcome at


New 1.67 PolarThin Semi-Finished Spherical Lenses

“The 1.67 Semi-Finished PolarThin features Precise Film Positioning, a proprietary process where the film is located 0.4mm from surface center to edge (Patent Pending). The polarizing film is placed closer to the surface of the blank, resulting in lightweight and fashionable lenses that can be surfaced as thin as 1.3 mm center thickness, compared to all other manufacturers 1.8~2.0 mm center thickness,” said Michael J. Rybacki, senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Seiko’s 1.67 PolarThin offers 11 accurate Base Curves including a 0.50B. The accurate and consistent curvature is ideal for all free-form designs as well as conventional single-vision. PolarThin blanks are made with high-index MR-10 resin. MR-10 is less sensitive to heat and does not readily contract or expand- factors that can lead to warping and coating deterioration. PolarThin 1.67 is available in Gray and Brown polarized film colors and features a High-Index Double Hard Coat primer, which provides increased impact resistance and reduces fringe interference. Michael Rybacki also stated, “PolarThin has been tested to show it exceeds ANSI Z80.1 at a 1.3mm center thickness by over 9 times!” For more information call 800-235-5367 or visit the Website at


Coburn Technologies Introduces New Simplicity UV Coater

The Simplicity Coater is the latest compact UV hard coating system from Coburn Technologies, which provides a consistent 98 percent yield rate average with select tintable and non-tintable coatings.

The Simplicity coater combines a wash station, coating station and UV cure station in one fully-enclosed counter-top design. “Its size and automated functionality make it an ideal fit for small to medium sized labs looking to bring lens coating in house,” said Wendell Slone, manager of Coburn’s Lens Coating Group. “And its programmable control over the coating process makes it ideal for tinting and other specialty applications in larger labs.”

Key features of the Simplicity Coater include:

  • Compact 3-in-1 unit combines wash station, coating station and UV cure station
  • Small footprint for limited spaces
  • Fully enclosed coater to prevent debris in the air from getting onto lens
  • User friendly touch screen with simple controls and adjustments
  • Programmable controller with multiple recipes for faster, easier coating changes
  • Easily check spindle speeds on screen for maximum control of the coating process
  • Removable coating module that allows for much easier cleaning, maintenance and switching between coatings
  • Utilizes Coburn’s UVMAX (tinatble) and UVAR (non-tintable) coatings which both feature excellent adhesion, low viscosity, and unique UV/thermal hybrid chemistry

For more information call 1-800-COBURN-1 or visit their Website at

New Lensmeter

The new VX 35 from Visionix is a wavefront-based lensmeter featuring a 130 point simultaneous measurement. Built with patented Visionix Power Map technology, the VX 35 offers exceptionally rapid and accurate measurements. This instrument also features a unique green light measurement that optimizes accuracy regardless of the lens type. Additionally, the VX 35 saves time by using the same method for measuring both prescription and UV transmission. With a wide range of measurement for all lens types, automatic detection of progressive lenses, an integrated thermal printer, PD measurement, and a contact lens mode, the VX 35 offers the full range of features. For more information contact Visionix at 1-800-292-7468 or visit their Website at and click on E-Catalogue.


New LMS System in the Cloud

Optical Lab Software Solutions, Inc. (OLSS), a leading software developer for optical laboratories, debuted OPTUITIVE a revolutionary cloud-based lab management software (LMS) with an exclusive Smart User Experience designed for maximum usability and performance. OPTUITIVE is the first LMS to be offered as a true HIPPA compliant software service in the cloud. OPTUITIVE is easily accessible using a Web browser and virtually any device, including smart phones and tablets. OPTUITIVE provides a secure high performance cloud-based infrastructure that delivers maximum efficiency, up and out scalability, and long term reliability.

“We’ve made a considerable investment in upgrading our software architecture and developing OPTUITIVE for the cloud,” said Steve Morris, president, OLSS. “By leveraging our hosted solution for centralized support, maintenance, and upgrades, our customers will be able to reduce their infrastructure costs and focus more time on what labs do best – make lenses,” added Morris. For more information call (336) 707-7542, e-mail, or visit


Santinelli Introduces Spring Hinge Tool Kitv

As part of their new collection of optical tools and working aides, Santinelli International offers a unique Spring Hinge Tool Kit, which assists with the removal, repair and replacement of spring hinge temples with ease. The kit is a must-have working aide as it simplifies the reassembly of “pesky” spring hinge temples. Previously this type of work was a challenge using hard-to-handle tools that were not designed for the job at hand. The Spring Hinge Tool Kit has everything you need to extend the spring hinge from its housing, simplifying the realignment and assembly. This patented, handy tool kit includes a hemostat-type clamping plier, easy-lock tweezers, a lever tool and a set of three pins, with six varying sized tips. For more information contact Santinelli International at 800-644-3343.


Santinelli’s New Industrial Edging Platform

Santinelli International has entered the 5-axis edging arena with their all-new Xtrimer SE-1 Industrial Edger featuring dry cut lens edging technology. The Xtrimer SE-1 provides state-of-the-art processing with its revolutionary “V” tool design,   which introduces an entirely new and more efficient method of dry-cutting and milling, addressing the growing complexities of today’s frame shapes and lens materials.

“Considerable research and development have resulted in the highly efficient design of the Xtrimer SE-1, providing astonishing speed, 3-D fit and multi-shape capability,” said Gerard Santinelli, company president/CEO. “We’ve packed so much into this compact, versatile unit – it will be a must-have for labs for many years to come.”

The 5-axis engineering design, combined with specialized high-speed motors, maximizes throughput efficiency. True “3-D Fit” technology is complemented by a new interlocking mechanical cutting method which vastly increases the first-time-fit ratio.   Incorporating five individual processing tools, the Xtrimer SE-1 expedites the roughing process on all organic lens materials, including Trivex and Polycarbonate. The unit completes the 3-D cutting cycle and is capable of making “tiltable bevel profiles” (inclined bevels) and drilling a multitude of difficult shapes, all while providing an uncompromised finished lens.

Job data and grinding condition settings are displayed in high-resolution graphics on the large, color LCD touch screen for easy job verification. Processing-command data can be easily entered using the iRx Editor, an intuitive tablet application. This application allows for real-time, interactive, remote support and combines useful functions such as sending/receiving of log files, software upgrades and more, for uninterrupted operation. Retouching after processing can be done automatically by simply entering the retouch information via the tablet.

With its robust construction yet compact size, the Xtrimer SE-1 is available as a stand-alone edger and is also engineered to operate in a small, medium or large volume capacity in conjunction with the company’s AES robotic units.  For more information contact Santinelli International at 800.644.3343.


The Next Generation of Blue Light Filter AR

“The initial launch of Recharge was a big success” stated Barney Dougher, president of HOYA Vision Care, NA. “We have since been able to further improve the blue light filters in Recharge. In addition, we enhanced the scratch resistance properties so now Recharge is at the same level as Super Hi-Vision EX3 AR treatment; which has a Bayer rating higher than glass.”

“Our kids are using smart phones and tablets more than ever” noted Dr. Thomas Gosling, an early adaptor of Recharge, “The combination of Recharge EX3 with Sync single vision lens is very beneficial. The eye has a muscle that tenses up as it tries to focus on back-lit screens, hour after hour. When this muscle locks up it causes a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. By reducing the amount of blue light that enters the eye, patients will be able to increase their comfort level and reduce eye fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and other related discomfort that can hamper the efficiency we use our smart phones and tablets for in the first place!”

The hazards associated with the High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light portion of the light spectrum are well documented. Blue light, including HEV Blue Light, is emitted from hand-held devices such as smart phones and tablets. HOYA’s Recharge EX3TM is an anti-reflective lens treatment that reflects the harmful Blue Light away from the eyes. For more information visit the HOYA Vision Website at


‘Clear N Dark’ Photochromic Lenses

Super Systems Conversion ‘Clear N Dark’ 1.56 photochromic lenses utilize automatic tint adjustment relative to ultraviolet ray exposure from the sun. Within seconds of stepping outside, the Conversion lenses will shift to a stylish true gray color while maintaining 100 percent UVA protection and consistent vision clarity. The Conversion ‘Clear N Dark’ lens provides a transition as quick and effective as the number one brand at a fraction of the cost. Since the lens is a 1.56 Index it will be 10 percent thinner. According to Super Systems, they also offer a more consistent color change and longer life. The Conversion ‘Clear N Darks’ are finished single vision lenses with a power range of -6 to +4 to a 2 cylinder. They also include an AR coating that improves the transparency of the lens while clear and also increase definition after adjusting to sunlight. The Conversion ‘Clear N Dark’ lenses are currently available in gray. A brown color is in development and is expected to be released in the near future. For more information visit the Super Systems Optical Technologies’ Website at


New Central Slurry System From PSI

Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI) introduced their new 915 Central Slurry System, designed to consolidate slurry for digital processing. This 23-gallon capacity slurry system reduces the number of chillers and slurry tanks needed by half. Designed with two pumps and a two-filter system, it handles high volumes of polish. When used with a PSI 985 chiller, it will maintain polish at the optimum temperature for superior lens surface quality. The 915 comes with two pumps that maintain a flow rate of 56 gallons/minute each. It includes two 300-micron filters to remove contaminants from the polishing compound to extend polish life. Like all other PSI Central Slurry Systems, the 915 offers a drain valve and cooling coil quick disconnects to facilitate emptying and cleaning of the unit as well as an easy to read temperature gauge for monitoring the slurry. The cone-shaped reservoir and polish bypass with agitator keep polish constantly mixed and allow for tighter control of the polish Baumé and temperature. Durable stainless housing, slurry tank and chilling coils keep slurry cooler without transmitting chill to floor and ambient air. The 915 is one of three Central Slurry Systems offered by PSI for digital and conventional lens polishers, the 913 has an 11 gallon tank and the 911 is used in smaller labs with a 5 gallon capacity. For more information on PSI’s Central Slurry Systems, contact us at 800-237-8154 or visit our Website at


ZEISS Officelens

Combining flexibility for wearers with simplicity for dispensers, Carl Zeiss Vision introduced ZEISS Officelens, a new, customized task-specific lens that allows patients to choose the amount of working distance they need. While Computer Vision Syndrome is widespread, sales of computer lenses have been relatively low.

“One of the main issues with computer lenses is ordering problems,” said Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision’s vice president, marketing. “Plus, most computer lenses have offered a one-size-fits-all solution to a range of workplace needs. ZEISS Officelens is designed to address both of these issues and create growth in the occupational lens category.”

The ZEISS Officelens is designed with intermediate vision in the top part of the lens, allowing a spacious view of a digital screen with comfortable posture. But unlike traditional computer-style lenses, ZEISS Officelens offers wearers a choice of three working distances to address differing workplace needs.

  • ZEISS Officelens Book provides the widest possible fields of near vision and intermediate to a range of about three feet – enough to see reading material and a computer monitor.
  • ZEISS Officelens Desk extends the intermediate range to about seven feet, for seeing the immediate workspace clearly.
  • ZEISS Officelens Room functions provides intermediate to about 14 feet, enough to for comfortable vision in meetings and when moving around the office.“Every work situation is different,” said Labeeuw. “ZEISS Officelens allows wearers to choose the viewing area that will allow them to be productive all day long.”


ZEISS Officelens simplifies and streamlines the ordering process. The lens is ordered with the same information required for a standard progressive – distance prescription, add, PD and fitting height. “The main source of problems with computer lenses is miscommunication between the ECP and the lab,” said Labeeuw. “With ZEISS Officelens, there is no need to send a near Rx or calculate the intermediate power, eliminating any confusion between the lab and the ECP. ZEISS Officelens is available in a full range of materials, including Hard Resin, Trivex, Polycarbonate,1.60, 1.67 and 1.74.


Expanded Line of permaTINT

“Tinting polycarbonate lens blanks has always been a difficult process for optical labs,” shares John Dippold, vice president operations, Vision Dynamics. “With permaTINT, we eliminate the production issues associated with tinting in a traditional dye tank. This includes blotching, inconsistencies from hard coat variations and light or dark centers. Labs experience a reduction in overall breakage and improve service time by not losing the lens in the final step of the production process,” added Dippold.

Vision Dynamics has expanded their line of pre-tinted polycarbonate semi-finished single vision lens blanks in 2, 4, 6 and 8 base. The permaTINT product is available in seven standard color options including, grey C, brown C and green-grey 15. Custom color matching services are available for unique products. With uniform color density across the complete Rx range, permaTINT lenses are ideal for processing free-form progressives.

“Adding pre-tinted permTINT saves time, simplifies workflow and improves service,” said Eric Lindquist, national account manager. “It is a great product solution for solving a universal problem,” concluded Lindquist. For more information or to place an order, please visit or call our Customer Care line at 888-900-5503.


Two New PALs from HOYA Vision

HOYA Vision Care has launched two new highly customized progressive lens designs: iD LifeStyle 2 Harmony and iD LifeStyle 2 Clarity. iD LifeStyle Clarity is a progressive lens design with its primary focus on maximizing distance vision, which tends to be most important to newer, more active, progressive lens wearers in the 35 to 50 age range. iD LifeStyle Harmony is designed to be the “go-to” progressive lens when you want to provide the most comfortable distribution of powers across the primary viewing areas.

Both iD LifeStyle 2 Harmony and iD LifeStyle Clarity offer the following benefits:

  • Front surface curvature follows the natural eye ball rotation for extremely natural progression which leads to smooth interaction between far and near.
  • Uniform addition on the front surface, counterbalanced on the back to achieve the total addition power for easy re-adaptation if the addition of your patient changes.
  • Patented Integrated Double Surface Design (IDSD) Free-Form Technology for clear, natural vision in all directions and at all distances.
  • Balanced View Control achieves extremely stable image perception: 100 percent stability when moving, even when walking down stairs.
  • No special fitting parameters are needed. Your patients will receive a highly customized lens without having to take additional measurements.

iD LifeStyle 2 Harmony and Clarity are available in a wide range of materials including polycarbonate, plastic, Phoenix, hi-index 1.60 and 1.67 as well as with Transitions and Suntech. For more information contact visit the HOYA Vision Website at


Free Software for Free-Form

PFO Global is offering free software for free-form lenses with no minimum purchase, as long as the lab commits to purchase 100 percent of their Poly, 1.67 and 1.74 (SF and F) from PFO Optima. PFO Optima is an innovative manufacturer of advanced free form lens designs for private label. Available designs are Acuity, Identity and Updrade.

  • Acuity is a standard free-form progressive lens offered in Smart, Home and Play.
  • Identity is a custom, state-of-the-art free form progressive offered in Smart, Home, Play and Pro, with individualized fitting parameters.
  • Upgrade is a custom free-form single vision design that is optimized to provide clear vision over the entirety of the lens.

If PFO can install the design software remotely, there is no installation fee. The individual lab is responsible for any USA Zeiss/Seiko reporting and payments. For more information contact PFO Global at 866-996-7849 or visit their Website at


First Dual Aspheric FSV 1.60 Lens

Seiko Super 16 DA is the first dual aspheric finished single vision 1.60 lens. These new lenses utilize the latest in free-form technology to create the highest standard in terms of optical performance, thickness, lightness, and comfort. They are the perfect blend for high index cosmetics and value. Super 16 DA lenses are as thin as a comparable 1.67 lens because of the aspheric design being incorporated on both sides. The Super 16 DA design includes a patented SEIKO-exclusive 10mm spherical fitting button in the lens center for instant patient accommodation. Now available with SEIKO premium SuperClean AR coating from Plano to -10.00 sphere out to a -2.00 cylinder. [Total Power -10.00] For more information visit the website at or call 800-235-5367.


Bilingual Pocket Card for Transitions Signature VII

Small enough to fold in half and tuck into a pocket, the 5.5-by-7.5-inch card allows English-speaking eye care professionals to easily explain the new Transitions Signature adaptive lens technology to their Spanish-speaking patients. Patients can simply point out their preferences for everything from the color of their lenses; to additional lens features, such as anti-reflective coatings; to frame considerations. The new Transitions Signature bilingual pocket card is part of a series of bilingual resources and tools available through the Transitions Cultural Connections initiative. Optical Labs can request printed copies of the new bilingual pocket card and other multicultural resources, free-of-charge, through the “My Practice” section of


New Sport Lens from Zeiss

The ZEISS Progressive Choice Plus Sport is specifically designed for wrap frames. The Choice Plus Sport design combines advanced customization for the patient’s full prescription with proprietary ZEISS prism compensation. This combination widens the area of clear vision by as much as 50 percent over standard lens designs in wrap frames, while dramatically reducing unwanted prism. It is available in two corridor lengths, with minimum fitting heights of 13 and 17mm. ZEISS Progressive Choice Plus Sport lenses are fully compatible with i.Scription by ZEISS, which addresses the effects of the patient’s higher-order wavefront aberrations.

“Wrap frames are both stylish and practical, because they provide more complete protection against sun glare and solar UV,” said Claude Labeeuw, vice president of marketing for Carl Zeiss Vision. “However, using a standard lens design in a highly-wrapped frame introduces power and prism errors that restrict the field of clear vision and can cause headaches and eye strain. ZEISS Progressive Choice Plus Sport is designed specifically for this type of frame, improving optical performance and increasing wearer comfort.”

ZEISS Progressive Choice Plus Sport lenses are available in 1.50 Hard Resin, 1.53 Trivex and 1.59 polycarbonate, with polarized options in all materials. It is also available with PhotoFusion by ZEISS and various NXT treatments, including fixed tints, mirror treatments and a polarized/photochromic combination.



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