Tray Express Modular Transportation System

“It’s not just quiet, it’s almost silent,” says Chuck McGregor, director of product sales, NCC Automated Systems, about their new Tray Express modular transportation system. “Customers have found Tray Express saving them money and valuable floor space too.”

After exploring Tray Express, customers are also seeing reduced power consumption and overall ease of system complexity. An obvious issue is always noise. The Tray Express System relieves this noise by using a smooth belt conveyor at the accumulation points and flexible chain at the curves. Most systems can be retrofitted with the pallet style of conveyor and keep the same chain conveyor depending on the age of the conveyor. Many times those conveyors removed can be used in other parts of the facility so as to not waste any conveyors at all.  Tray Express is pre-engineered and pre-assembled, which reduces complexity with easy installation and support. This offers a plug & play system for quick production startup. The system also offers an intelligent routing concept where the job trays are automatically routed to the next available process station, processed job trays are then discharged from the loop on a separate track.

For more information about NCC Automated Systems contact – Chris Round, director of marketing  at or by phone at 513-550-2820.

MyCoat AR and Mirror Coater

MyCoat is a vacuum sputter coater that dispenses anti-reflective and mirror coatings within its compact dimensions, 28 inches wide by 32 inches deep by 68 inches high. The machine can coat six lenses at a time, with a cycle time of 15 minutes. In one hour, up to six pairs of lenses can be fully coated front and back.

MyCoat’s anti-reflective and mirror coating formulas are compatible with  all Vision-Ease Lens products, as well as those from alternate suppliers. Anti-reflective coatings include a standard option and Vision-Ease Lens’ premium five-layer, super-hydrophobic Vivid AR. Mirror coatings offered include silver, gold, blue or ruby, in full or flash finishes. Formulas are pre-installed on each machine for easy operation.

Vision-Ease Lens offers extensive training and support with its MyCoat machine for worry-free operation. For more information, visit


LABTECH: New Products November/December

Shamir X3 Focuses on Fashion

A new fashion-focused sun system, known as Shamir X3, will enable ECPs to offer a complete solution to patients that includes Rx lenses, proprietary mirrors, lens engravings and more.  Shamir’s newest offering not only centers around providing the best solution optically, but the core message will focus primarily on the “fashionable experience” the patient will have.

Shamir’s X3 prescription sun package takes sunwear to the extreme by introducing not only premium optics in complex eyewear, but also adding an element of exclusivity by letting the patient select just about any pair of frames on the board in combination with Shamir’s progressive and single vision designs. Shamir X3 offers a choice between a multitude of fashion tints and mirrors, and provides advanced expression options and superior cosmetics by allowing each patient to add their own signature engraving onto the lens all while ensuring they receive the thinnest lenses for their prescription.  Shamir’s X3 is designed to assist ECPs with merchandising in order to help grow Rx sunwear sales. To facilitate the new X3 package offering, Shamir introduces a state-of-the-art edging lab in Los Angeles, CA. This cutting-edge facility provides the specialized services necessary to further enhance the quality, cosmetics and optics of Shamir X3 orders.

Shamir X3 is available to order through authorized distributor labs nationwide. For more information contact Shamir’s customer service department at 877.514.8330.

  No-Glare Lens for Kids

 Just in time for the back-to-school season, Essilor’s groundbreaking Crizal Prevencia Kids No-Glare lenses are now available on managed vision care plans offered by VSP. Crizal Prevencia Kids are the first No-Glare lens specially designed for children to selectively block harmful blue light and UV while allowing beneficial light to reach their eyes.Expressly engineered for children ages 5-12, Crizal Prevencia Kids No-Glare lenses are scratch- and impact-resistant to help them last longer, feature a superior smudge-resistant technology that makes them easy to clean, and prevent tired eyes and headaches by reducing glare from fluorescent lights, whiteboards and computer screens. For more information visit

Transitions Optical Releases Professional and Patient Education  on Vision and Aging (Riding the Age Wave)

Transitions Optical’s new poster and online education course, “Riding the Age Wave”, can help eye care professionals educate patients on how normal healthy aging affects their vision, and advise them on options for treatment that will restore, maintain and enhance their vision.

The course, available online at, shows how the baby boomer generation has redefined the word “aging,” as they postpone retirement and look to maintain a lifestyle that demands enhanced vision. Overviewing the common visual issues baby boomers will experience as they age, “Riding the Age Wave” demonstrates how Transitions lenses with an anti-reflective (AR) coating and digital design is the ideal healthy aging solution that addresses several problems.

“Simply put, age diminishes the eyes’ ability to control light,” said Patience Cook, associate director, North America marketing, Transitions Optical. “Baby boomers want to maintain their vision and this lens solution provides maximum ambient light indoors and at night, along with the comfort and protection of adaptive lenses, all in a personalized prescription.”

“We want to create conversations about vision that will show how a comprehensive lens solution can address visual needs throughout life,” added Cook. For more information or to order the “Aging Eyes Poster” go to:


Shamir Single Vision

Shamir expands Single Vision material availability and bases to provide wider selection within their product mix to include Single Vision Trivex Vantage Gray, Single Vision Trivex XTRActive Gray, and Single Vision Polycarbonate Polarized 82mm, Gray and Brown.  They have also expanded their base curve availability. 

Shamir demonstrates their ongoing commitment to offer the most comprehensive material and product availability selection with the release of these new materials and base additions.

 Shamir’s Single Vision line comes in a wide variety of indexes and treatments to accommodate each patient's Rx and lifestyle need. Shamir Single Vision blanks are ideal for single vision use and are compatible with all freeform designs. Transitions  Vantage are the first and only everyday photochromic lenses with variable polarization. Transitions XTRActive lenses are ideal for patients wanting an extra dark lens outdoors. Single Vison Polycarbonate Polarized (82mm) reduces glare and improves contrast resulting in enhanced clarity. Shamir’s new 82mm Polycarbonate Polarized blank will allow lenses to be produced for a wider selection of wrap frames due to the blank’s diameter. For more information contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at 877.514.8330.


New Chillmate Outdoor Series

Universal Photonics’ (UPI)  new Chillmate Outdoor Series moves the chiller equipment outside of the lab, taking the heat with it while freeing up valuable floor space inside the lab.  By removing chillers from the lab you’ll take the heat the chiller generates  right along with it. Ambient room temperature can be controlled with less effort and at a much lower cost and moving the chilling process outside of the laboratory presents a new range of possibilities for increased productivity. While the chillers are anchored outdoors, the Chillmate Control Center is conveniently accessible within the lab.

“We have a commitment to providing solutions. Our customers presented a problem and once again, Universal Photonics delivered an innovative, state-of-the-art solution,” said John Pecorella, member of the UPI technical sales force.

The Outdoor Series is an extension of UPI’s patented Chillmate line and as such has been engineered to maintain constant cool temperatures, eliminating unwanted fluctuations in temperature and reducing lens defects. Like all the chillers in the Chillmate line, the Outdoor Series can be used with fining and polishing machines, as well as centrifuges, delivering the same optimum results. The Chillmates, available for water or slurry systems, utilize a fully hermetic compressor and CFC-free refrigeration. All are available as standalone units and can be retrofitted into nearly any existing system. The Outdoor Series, made of high-grade galvanized steel, is built to withstand years of extreme weather exposure. They are offered in a range of models, including the ability to have customized models  to meet any lab’s production level. Outdoor installation, by a team of UPI technicians, is quick and seamless, with daily lab production left virtually uninterrupted. For more information visit their Website at or call (516) 935-4000.


Prescription or Non-prescription, BluTech Lenses Provide Protection from Harmful Blue Light

Based on science and derived from nature, BluTech Lenses filter harmful, high-energy blue light that impairs daily visual performance, disrupts the sleep-wake cycle and contributes to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) as well as other health conditions.

 “The dangers of blue light are becoming more evident,” said Greg Naes, CEO of Eye Solutions Technologies, LLC. “The federally mandated phase-out of incandescent light bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient lighting took effect this year. This “greening of America” and our 24/7 dependence on technology may lead to a significant impact on both eye and general health. BluTech Lenses are the natural solution to maintaining healthy vision.”

Blue light is naturally emitted from the sun and helps regulate melatonin in the brain—which activates the natural sleep-wake cycle—one of the most basic and necessary physiological rhythms. However, technology has taken over. We take the “sun” inside with us because blue light is emitted by most electronic devices—LED TVs and bulbs, computers, tablets, smartphones, handheld video games, even CFL light bulbs. Blue light exposure from “artificial” sources tricks the eyes into telling the brain to stay awake, disrupting the natural sleep-wake cycle, triggering sleep deprivation.

BluTech Lenses are a lens, not a coating and were created from nature. BluTech Lenses are the only lens infused with Ocular Lens Pigment, a natural pigment that occurs in the eye as we age, to help filter high-energy blue light while allowing harmless light to pass through. For more information about BluTech Lenses visit or call (866) 704-0845.




November/December 2014