New Hilco Pro Screwdriver and Wrench Sets

Hilco now offers professional grade screwdriver and wrench sets.  Dimensions are marked on handles, tool stand and blades for easy identification.  Individual screwdrivers and wrenches feature smooth action top with blade size marking, sure grip handles and professional grade blades with laser etched size markings.  The 6-Place Pro Screwdriver Sets comes with Flat and Phillips screwdrivers in popular sizes and your choice of either a non-skid bench base or rotating base.  The 8-Place Pro Wrench Set comes with Hex, Star and Square Wing wrenches in popular sizes in a non-skid bench base.  For more information please contact Debbie Fitzgibbons at (800) 955-6544 extension 3011 or by e-mail at

Shamir Single Vision Freeform

Shamir announces the release of their latest Single Vision Freeform design breakthrough with the launch of their newest Freeform design, Shamir Autograph III - SV. Shamir's newest product is designed to provide single vision patients with the perfect digital Rx solution for their visual needs. This new digital design is a single vision lens designed for everyday use. The new design incorporates two revolutionary technologies: EyePoint Technology III and As-Worn Quadro, which allow for enhanced performance in the periphery and maximized fields of vision for the Rx, whether myope or hyperope.

“We are pleased to offer such a revolutionary lens to the single vision market. The technologies in this state-of-the-art design have it far surpassing any other single vision lens previously available. We know ECPs will have an easy time dispensing this lens because of the clarity and comfort of this design,” said Mark Becker, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships.

Shamir Autograph III - SV will be available in the following materials: 1.5 Hard Resin, DLC Trivex, 1.56, 1.58 Polycarbonate, SuperLite 1.60, SuperLite 1.67, SuperLite 1.74, and NXT. Shamir Autograph III - SV is available to order through Shamir’s network of Autograph partner laboratories beginning February 2nd, 2015. For more information contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at 877.514.8330.

LABTECH: New Products March and April

Essilor Expands Varilux Progressive Range


“We anticipate that the introduction of a new range of Varilux lenses, complemented by sustained consumer advertising, will continue to drive increased patient interest,” said Lauri Crawford, senior vice president of marketing, Essilor of America. “With this new range of 100 percent digitally-engineered lens designs, we’re confident ECPs will find a Varilux lens design to meet their individual patients’ unique vision needs and lifestyle preferences.”


The new range of Varilux lenses also feature W.A.V.E. Technology 2, Essilor's next-generation lens technology that identifies and manages distortions to deliver sharp vision at every distance, even in low light. Essilor will provide ECPs with comprehensive training and streamlined, patient-friendly messaging around the new designs, to facilitate selection of the best visual solution for patients. For more information on the new range of Varilux lenses and consumer advertising campaign, visit

Western Optical Supply Launches 2015 Catalog

A new line of Stick-on Silicone Nose Pads is just one of the new items featured in the updated 2015 Western Optical Supply dispensing hand tool catalog. The expanded catalog and Website provides the optical professional with more unique dispensing hand tools and accessories and “how to” information about the extensive Western Optical line. For additional information or to request a catalog please contact Western Optical Supply, Inc. at 800.423.3294 or



Transitions XTRActive Lenses to be Spotlighted in 2015


In 2015, Transitions Optical, Inc. will be surrounding consumers with messages of choice through an integrated mix of media partnerships and television, digital and social media advertising. To bring new groups of consumers to the photochromic category, Transitions Optical is making Transitions XTRActive lenses and its unique set of benefits – extra protection from light; outdoors, indoors and in the car – a focus of this year’s campaign.

On air, the TV ad will continue to communicate the advanced performance of Transitions Signature lenses with Chromea7 technology through the successful Life well lit “Modes” campaign – but this year, a new TV tag will call out Transitions XTRActive lenses beginning in April. The TV campaign will be complemented with online advertising that will be shown before and during streaming videos through services like Hulu, and will help reach a highly-targeted audience with the Transitions brand. For more information visit

Super Systems Optical Launches New Website

 Easier to navigate, the new Super Systems Website provides a comprehensive look into FastGrind’s benefits, and features a robust shopping experience for lab equipment and supply needs. Visit the new website at 


 Two New Products from Hilco 

 The new compression sleeve removal tweezers help remove rimless frame hardware and cut compression sleeves from edged lenses and fit  1.4mm and 1.8mm mounts.  The new stainless steel plier rack is made of durable, non-corrosive stainless steel with rubber bumpers to avoid scratches and slippage on the table top. For more information please contact Debbie Fitzgibbons at (800) 955-6544 extension 3011 or by e-mail at


 Mitsui’s New Lens Material Cuts Short Wavelength Light



Mitsui Chemicals has launched a new ophthalmic lens material that helps protect eyes from not only ultraviolet (10-400nm) light rays but also 400nm-420nm wavelength light. Conant Optics is planning to market these lenses in the U.S. under the "UV++" brand.  Mitsui Chemicals’ newly debuted lens material, "UV+420cut," helps protect eyes from damaging short wavelength light.

“The other lens materials on the market that block short wavelength light have the disadvantage of having a yellow tint,” said Woody Muire, marketing manager for Mitsui Chemicals of America. “The yellowness is markedly less in UV+420cut.”  For more information visit

Coburn Technologies Introduces New Pinnacle Lite Polish


Coburn’s new Pinnacle Lite Polish is a proprietary product, exclusive to Coburn Technology, developed with advanced chemistry and premium ingredients. Its unique formulation is unlike any optical polishing slurry on the market today. It is qualified for use on all conventional equipment, all non-mineral materials and all surfaces. Pinnacle Lite Polish provides unmatched features and premium performance at an extraordinary value.

Key features of the new polish include:

• Sustained suspension

• “Slick” feel has a lower impact on skin and equipment, and is easy to clean up

• Polished surfaces exhibit a noticeably brighter sheen

• Superior coating adhesion for backside coated lenses

• Produces top quality surfaces consistently

• Long lasting/durable

Pinnacle Lite Polish is available in one gallon jugs and five gallon buckets. Product is available worldwide, and online for US customers at For prices or package offer information, please contact the Coburn Lab Works division directly at (866-450-0412) or by calling Coburn’s main number (800-COBURN-1) and asking for the Lab Works Group.


Perception Combines Edging and Tracing


Perception, a feature packed entry level edging system, introduces Briot’s patented Gravitech technology, a new concept in optical shape recognition.

Perception, designed on the popular Emotion platform delivers a compact, sleek, all-in-one system with multiple functionalities geared for ease-of-use and fast processing of lab work.  Perception features easy shape modification, parallax free digital blocking, and a flexible edging process to meet the individual requirements of each job.

Multiple programs for bevel, groove, safety bevel, and polishing allow for high quality finishing results.  The robust job memory allows up to 300 jobs to be stored and easily accessed, while the large shape memory can store up to 200 shapes at a time.  Perception is also enabled for remote tracing via OMA V3.07 for maximum performance and flexibility in finishing requirements.

The Perception is powered by Gravitech, a new technology where shape information is captured using a patented algorithm based on the gravity point of the lens to achieve highly accurate measurements within 5 seconds of lens placement.  Edging around the gravity point allows for perfect shape reproduction and precision in sizing offering an exceptional first fit ratio.

For on-site demonstrations of Perception by Briot, please visit Booth LP 7145 at Vision Expo East. For additional information, please email or contact your Briot territory consultant.





March/April LabTalk 2015