Guest Editorials


This lab is tenacious. Find out what they are doing to not only keep in the game but to excel and succeed.


Get personal insights into how other labs have generated sales with innovative ideas. This month, Dan Woebkenberg of Diversified Ophthalmics shares a successful promotion that increased his sales of Transitions lenses.


Learn what made Diversified Ophthalmics the 2012 Transitions Lab of the Year.

Driven for Success. 2011 Transitions Lab of the Yea, Optical Prescription Lab Shares Winning Strategies

Four-time nominee, Optical Prescription Lab finally takes home top honors.

Spotlight on Dan Torgersen

Dan Torgersen, technical director of the OLA retires after 19 years.

Overheard at the OLA

At the OLA annual meetings, labs were talking about the challenges of running an optical lab today and how they are meeting those challenges head on.

Enter the Trash to Treasure Contest

Check out how to enter the trash to treasure contest.

Re-Definining Excellence: Three-Time Transitions Lab Of The Year Winner, Toledo Optical, Shares Blueprints For Success

Toledo Optical re-defines excellence by becoming the first three-time Transitions Lab of the Year Winner.

LMS, Friend or Foe?

Lab dude, John Greco asks the question, is your LMS system your friend or foe?

Overheard at the OLA 2001

Having the OLA annual meeting co-located with Vision Expo West for the first time had people talking. And LabTalk was listening. Find out what your peers and LabTalk editor, Christie Walker, had to say and their suggestions for 2011.

Automation is Great But… You Still Need Someone Around Who Knows How to Make a Lens

John Greco of Superior Optical, Ocean Springs, Miss., remembers when you had to figure out the amount of prism needed for decentration by hand using a protractor.

Green Marketing Matters

Glen Eisenberg

Are You Finished with Finish Blockers?

Labs weigh in with their thoughts on the often disparaged finish blocker.

Successful Business/Environmentally Sound Practices… NOT Mutually Exclusive.

Editor, Christie Walker, waxes poetic over the environment, fire arms, and optical labs.



Overheard at the OLA - To Merge or Not to Merge? That is the Question

The hot topic at the OLA this year was whether or not the OLA should merge its conference with Vision Expo West in Las Vegas for 2010.

A Lab Owner Joins the Digital Discussion

Hal Walker, owner of Superior Optical Labs, Ocean Springs, Miss. weighs in on the “Digital Discussion” with a lab owner’s point-of-view.


Marketing director for Opticote, Michael Bellomo, encourages labs to promote flash mirrors for sunglasses.

Just another Flat-Top? The Free Form Digital Revolution

Stephen Cohen of CC Systems takes us on a trip to the future to see how digitally surfaced lenses have evolved.

Processing Kaenon's SR-91 Polarized Lenses - A Lab's Perspective

Pech Optical’s Karen Stotz, talks about their experience in processing Kaenon’s SR-91 polarized lenses.

Dual Digital Vision - A New Way to Look at Digital Surfacing

Essilor’s Bob Colucci explains Duel Digital Vision and a new way to look at digital surfacing.

Joestradamus - A Look Back, A Look Forward

Predictions for the future of the optical industry.

Violence in the Workplace

The safety director for Katz & Klein optical laboratory provides insight and tips in how to head off workplace violence before someone “goes optical.”

What It Takes to Become the Transitions Lab of the Year

Craig Giles of Soderberg, Inc. details how they were able to capture the title, Lab of the Year, for the second time.

Straight Talk About Digital Surfacing* or whatever we are going to call it

LabTalk editor, Christie Walker, speaks out on the frustrations of digital surfacing technology and our industry.

Overheard at the OLA - 2007

People are talking about managing employees, digital surfacing, customer service and Transitions VI and LabTalk editor Christie Walker was listening.

New Products and Then Some

Homer Optical's Peggy Conway explains how they educate their staff and customers on the constant flow of new products that come into the lab each month.

Growing Our People

Katz & Klein's Corrine Hood explains how their employees are their single strongest competitive advantage and how she nurtures and grows her people like a well-tended garden.

Get Ready, Cause Here I Come

Industry veteran Bob Niemiec provides insight on direct surfacing technology.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With escalating costs, the industry is grappling with a solution to out-of-control lens warranties, and many are questioning whether today's lens warranties have outlived their purpose.

How can we satisfy “all of our customers all of the time?

Peggy Conway of Homer Optical discovers there is no consensus when it comes to what customers want. Using a "whatever the customer thinks is most important to their practice" approach, Homer Optical can "satisfy more of their customers, all of the time."

Why Our Industry is Stalled

In this guest editorial from Harbor Optical’s Geff Heidbrink, Geff outlines what he sees as the main problem with the optical industry today and provides solutions that could kick our industry into high gear.

Struggles of Today's Mid-Sized Lab or Why I'd Rather Be Fishing

Jeff Szymanski relates the ups and downs, challenges and rewards of owning a mid-size lab.

Advice from Dr. Fill

We all know that practitioners need to have a well-trained staff in order to be successful. But what about optical laboratories? Tune in to Dr. Fill (as in fill my order, please) to find out more.

Performance Reviews: Learning to Inspect What You Expect

Craig Giles, Soderberg, Inc. offers an in-depth solution to Performance Reviews and how to make them a valuable experience for both the employee and the employer.

(Independent) Optical Laboratories, Has Its Time Come

Jeff Szymanski of Toledo Optical asks the question, "Is it time to create a new Independent Optical Laboratories Association?"

Scheduling Profits

Matt Cummins of Walman Optical, shares his views on how to improve the process and increase profits.


July/August LabTalk 2014