November/December 2014


Bisphera Industrial Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses


Tray Express Modular Transportation System

“It’s not just quiet, it’s almost silent,” says Chuck McGregor, director of product sales, NCC Automated Systems, about their new Tray Express modular transportation system. “Customers have found Tray Express saving them money and valuable floor space too.”

After exploring Tray Express, customers are also seeing reduced power consumption and overall ease of system complexity. An obvious issue is always noise. The Tray Express System relieves this noise by using a smooth belt conveyor at the accumulation points and flexible chain at the curves. Most systems can be retrofitted with the pallet style of conveyor and keep the same chain conveyor depending on the age of the conveyor. Many times those conveyors removed can be used in other parts of the facility so as to not waste any conveyors at all.  Tray Express is pre-engineered and pre-assembled, which reduces complexity with easy installation and support. This offers a plug & play system for quick production startup. The system also offers an intelligent routing concept where the job trays are automatically routed to the next available process station, processed job trays are then discharged from the loop on a separate track.

For more information about NCC Automated Systems contact – Chris Round, director of marketing  at or by phone at 513-550-2820.

MyCoat AR and Mirror Coater

MyCoat is a vacuum sputter coater that dispenses anti-reflective and mirror coatings within its compact dimensions, 28 inches wide by 32 inches deep by 68 inches high. The machine can coat six lenses at a time, with a cycle time of 15 minutes. In one hour, up to six pairs of lenses can be fully coated front and back.

MyCoat’s anti-reflective and mirror coating formulas are compatible with  all Vision-Ease Lens products, as well as those from alternate suppliers. Anti-reflective coatings include a standard option and Vision-Ease Lens’ premium five-layer, super-hydrophobic Vivid AR. Mirror coatings offered include silver, gold, blue or ruby, in full or flash finishes. Formulas are pre-installed on each machine for easy operation.

Vision-Ease Lens offers extensive training and support with its MyCoat machine for worry-free operation. For more information, visit