May/June LabTalk


Bisphera Industrial Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses


New Hilco Pro Screwdriver and Wrench Sets

Hilco now offers professional grade screwdriver and wrench sets.  Dimensions are marked on handles, tool stand and blades for easy identification.  Individual screwdrivers and wrenches feature smooth action top with blade size marking, sure grip handles and professional grade blades with laser etched size markings.  The 6-Place Pro Screwdriver Sets comes with Flat and Phillips screwdrivers in popular sizes and your choice of either a non-skid bench base or rotating base.  The 8-Place Pro Wrench Set comes with Hex, Star and Square Wing wrenches in popular sizes in a non-skid bench base.  For more information please contact Debbie Fitzgibbons at (800) 955-6544 extension 3011 or by e-mail at

Shamir Single Vision Freeform

Shamir announces the release of their latest Single Vision Freeform design breakthrough with the launch of their newest Freeform design, Shamir Autograph III - SV. Shamir's newest product is designed to provide single vision patients with the perfect digital Rx solution for their visual needs. This new digital design is a single vision lens designed for everyday use. The new design incorporates two revolutionary technologies: EyePoint Technology III and As-Worn Quadro, which allow for enhanced performance in the periphery and maximized fields of vision for the Rx, whether myope or hyperope.

“We are pleased to offer such a revolutionary lens to the single vision market. The technologies in this state-of-the-art design have it far surpassing any other single vision lens previously available. We know ECPs will have an easy time dispensing this lens because of the clarity and comfort of this design,” said Mark Becker, vice president of marketing and strategic partnerships.

Shamir Autograph III - SV will be available in the following materials: 1.5 Hard Resin, DLC Trivex, 1.56, 1.58 Polycarbonate, SuperLite 1.60, SuperLite 1.67, SuperLite 1.74, and NXT. Shamir Autograph III - SV is available to order through Shamir’s network of Autograph partner laboratories beginning February 2nd, 2015. For more information contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at 877.514.8330.