Sept/Oct LabTalk 2015


Bisphera Industrial Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses


INDIGO AR with Blue Light Filtering AR Technology

iCoat has developed Indigo, a new blue light filtering AR coating. Indigo AR features selective blue light blocking technology that helps minimize high-energy blue-violet light thereby reducing digital eye strain and visual discomfort caused by harmful blue light. Indigo also provides protection against scratches, dust, moisture, smudges, and back-surface UV reflections. Indigo AR is a premium choice for addressing digital eye strain associated with Computer Vision Syndrome, the number one computer-related eye health complaint in the U.S.  For more information visit the iCoat Website at

Transformer All-Materials Fining Pad

PSI’s new Transformer all-materials fining pad “transforms” as it fines from its original coarse state to a smoother, transparent condition. The innovative composition of this one-step pad allows it to breakdown during processing by fining the lens at different intensities, starting rough for heavy stock removal and smoothing down for an ultra smooth lens finish like you would achieve with a second fine process. The Transformer pad achieves consistent stock-removal on all lens materials and has a cloth backing helping the pad to conform to the tool and making removal easy.  For optimum results, PSI recommends using the Transformer pad with their Yellow Ultimate polish pad and Free-Form AR polish. For more information contact PSI at  800-237-8154 or visit our website where you can order the pads on-line at The new Transformer pad will be at PSI’s booth, LP6085 at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.