Nov/Dec LabTalk 2015


Bisphera Industrial Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses


ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses Offer Relief for Driver Stress in Low-Light Conditions

For people who want to optimize their vision behind the wheel, ZEISS has developed DriveSafe. Available in progressive and single vision designs, DriveSafe lenses offer excellent all-day performance while specifically addressing the needs of drivers. ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are the product of extensive research into the visual challenges of driving. ZEISS also worked with a leading headlight manufacturer to determine the best coating to reduce glare from modern headlights, resulting in DuraVision DriveSafe AR coating. This coating is available exclusively on DriveSafe lenses. DuraVision DriveSafe specifically targets the wavelengths of Xenon and LED headlights that cause blurred vision and discomfort in night driving. All DriveSafe lenses feature proprietary ZEISS Luminance Design technology. This new lens calculation technology is based on pupil size in low light conditions, resulting in clearer, more natural vision at twilight and on cloudy days. For more information visit

Specialty Tool for Barrel Aligning from Western Optical Supply

When temples flop on their frame, you need a special tool to grab each wing of the barrel, straighten and align it, and then set the proper distance between wings.  The NEW Barrel Aligning Plier from Western Optical Supply is the perfect tool for this adjustment. In moments you can reset the proper alignment and spacing to reassemble the frame so the temple has a good tight fit.  The Barrel Aligning Plier item #2033V can be seen on the Western Website at where you can watch a live demonstration (Western Optical LIVE! page 28). For additional information contact Western Optical at 800.423.3294 or